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Xbox Series X Halo Infinite restock sold out — where to find inventory next

Xbox Series X Halo
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Update: The GameStop restock is now sold out. Make sure to follow our Xbox Series X restock guide for updates on the next restock. Plus, check out our Black Friday Xbox Series X deals coverage for sales on accessories and games. 

Good news if you missed the last Xbox Series X restock. A new Xbox Series X Halo Infinite restock just kicked off today (October 14) at GameStop. As of 11 a.m. ET, the retailer now has an Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Super Fan bundle for $919. The bundle is being offered to its PowerUp Rewards Pro members only. 

This is the last of three GameStop restocks scheduled for this week. The retailer tweeted news of the restocks on Monday. (Make sure to follow our Xbox Series X Halo Infinite restock guide for more preorder opportunities. Plus, check out our Black Friday Xbox Series X deals coverage for sales on accessories and games). 

Xbox Series X Halo bundle (sold out)

Xbox Series X Halo Infinite: $919 @ GameStop
The new Xbox Series X Halo Infinite console celebrates 20 years of Halo. The console features a Halo-inspired design and also powers on/off with custom Halo-themed sounds. It comes with a matching Halo Infinite controller. The "Super Fan" bundle will include the Halo Infinite controller and headset. View Deal

How to become a PowerUp Rewards Pro Member

In early June, GameStop announced that it's changing the way it handles console restocks. It will give first dibs to its PowerUp Rewards Pro members. Although there's a free tier, only Pro members will get early access to the restocks. Membership starts at $14.99 per year and includes perks like a Game Informer subscription, $5 reward coupons per month (total of $60/year), 10% extra trade credit on games/accessories, and a $5 welcome certificate. If you sign up today, you'll have access to the restock. 

PowerUp Rewards Pro membership: from $15 @ GameStop
GameStop's PowerUp Rewards Pro membership already came with a host of benefits, but the retailer has added one more — early access to next-gen console restocks. If you're still after a PS5 or Xbox Series X, this could be $15 very well spent. View Deal

It may be obvious, but you'll want to have a GameStop account and be logged into your account when the restock begins. If you click the "add to cart" button and nothing happens, try refreshing the page. 

Alternatively, you could clear your browser cookies and try to open the page via an incognito web browser. You might be asked to solve a captcha before adding the console to your cart. We don't yet know if this restock will be opened up to the general public after the early access window. 

As with the previous GameStop restock events, these units will sell out fast. So if you missed out don't worry. There will be other preorder events in the future. Also, make sure to follow our preorder coverage for up-to-the-minute news on the latest restocks. In the meantime, you can browse other retailer pages to see if they may have quietly added any new inventory. 

Xbox Series X — retailers to check for stock

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