Xbox Series S could launch next month — here's why

Xbox Series S
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Microsoft could reveal the Xbox Series S in September at another next-generation Xbox showcase, according to Tom Warren, a journalist at the Verge and regular Microsoft tipster. 

Taking to Twitter, Warren tweeted that September will not only see the launch of the iPhone 12 and Microsoft Surface Duo, but also the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, Nvidia RTX 3090 and “Xbox *redacted*.” 

Given Warren has been regularly tweeting tidbits of information he claims to know about the Xbox Series S — a less powerful, digital-only take on the Xbox Series X — he is likely referring to the Xbox Series S in this tweet. Other rumors had pointed towards the Xbox Series S getting revealed in August. But with only a few days to go before the last summer month comes to an end, that doesn't look likely.  

There have been numerous hints that the Xbox Series S is in the works, notably from controller packaging  for the updated Xbox Wireless Controller listing the Series S as one of the consoles it’s compatible with. Other leaks have suggested that the Series S could just be a revised model of the Xbox One, designed for tapping into game streaming from Microsoft’s Project xCloud service, which is becoming part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.  

Either way, an Xbox Series S looks very likely to be in the works. Microsoft plans to create an Xbox ecosystem with first-party games for the next two years being playable across both the Xbox Series X and Xbox One, as well as PC, all supported by game streaming and comprehensive backwards compatibility. So an Xbox Series S could be the perfect console for people who want to dip their toes into the world of Xbox without forking out some $400 to $500 on a top-end Xbox Series X. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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