Project xCloud Public Beta Announced: Everything You Need to Know

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Microsoft unveiled Project xCloud to world back in October 2018, and now the future of cloud gaming is at our doorstep. Microsoft is launching a public preview/beta of the game streaming service in October 2019, allowing you to get your first taste of games like Gears 5 from the cloud.

Here's everything you need to know about Project xCloud and how to get into the beta next month.

What is Project xCloud?

Project xCloud is Microsoft's cloud gaming service, designed specifically to allow gamers to play their favorite titles anywhere they want, even on the go.

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So, that means you'll be able to play exclusive titles like Halo 5: Guardians or Gears 5 on phones, tablets and even laptops that don't pack enough hardware to run games natively.

We got to go hands-on with Microsoft's Project xCloud back at E3 2019, and it showed some exciting promise. We also did a break down between Google Stadia and Project xCloud to see which is the better cloud gaming service so far.

Project xCloud price: how much will it cost?

There are no details on price as of yet, and it's unclear whether or not Project xCloud will be connect to Xbox Live subscriptions. It would be pretty badass if it would included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Of course, taking part in the Project xCloud preview will be free, but you better watch out that you don't run up your data bill.

Project xCloud release date: when is it coming out?

There's no official release date for Project xCloud, but Microsoft is rolling out a preview/beta program in October 2019.

How do I sign up for the Project xCloud beta?

If you're in the United States or the United Kingdom, you can sign-up for the Project xCloud beta here.

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This'll take you to an online registration form where you'll fill out details including your postal code, make and model of your phone and your mobile network carrier.

Microsoft plans on sending invites closer to the October start date, which hasn't been disclosed, yet. Keep in mind, that Microsoft is sending out a limited number of invites at first, and the company will begin expanding the program after some time.

Project xCloud minimum requirements

In order to take part of the Project xCloud preview, you'll need a few things. 

Your phone or tablet must be running Android 6.0 or higher and be equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. Obviously, you'll need a Microsoft account and a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One Wireless Controller.

Project xCloud will able accessible via the Microsoft Game Streaming app that will become available in the coming weeks to Android devices. The service is also compatible with any carrier in the US and UK.

T-Mobile actually announced a technical partnership with Microsoft for Project xCloud. However, we're not sure what that'll mean for T-Mobile users during the preview next month.

Project xCloud games

So far, the Project xCloud beta will launch with Halo 5: Guardians, Gears 5, Killer Instinct and Sea of Thieves

No, you do not have to own any of these titles to be able to play them in the preview. On top of that, Microsoft will be adding additional titles as the beta is going on.

Project xCloud Console Streaming

The scheduled Project xCloud beta is separate from console streaming, which will allow you to stream games directly from your Xbox One to your mobile device.

However, Microsoft stated that it's still building up its Console Streaming service and that the company will have more to share in the near future.

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