Vodafone bids farewell to Australia's only unlimited and uncapped mobile plan

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From today, Vodafone Australia will no longer boast unlimited fast data as part of its postpaid offering, with the telco implementing a streamlined range of SIM only mobile plans that's gone from five options to just three.

First on the chopping block is Vodafone's SIM Only Lite Plan, which was previously its most affordable postpaid offering at AU$40 per month. That entry-level spot has now been filled by Vodafone's Small Plan, which is AU$5 more expensive at AU$45 per month.

And at the other end of the spectrum, Vodafone has also scrapped its most expensive postpaid SIM-only offering, otherwise known as the Vodafone SIM Only Ultra Plan, which was priced at AU$85 per month. 

The latter was notable for being Australia's only unlimited high speed data plan, meaning customers received unlimited data on Vodafone's 5G network with no speed restrictions or data caps whatsoever.

Vodafone's new SIM-only plans explained

Vodafone's most expensive postpaid plan is now its Large plan, which costs AU$65 per month. While the plan does offer unlimited data, it and the other two plans that remain will see their speeds capped to a dreadfully slow 2Mbps (down from the previous speed cap of 10Mbps) once an initial 'fast data' allowance has been reached.

Thankfully, the remaining Small, Medium and Large plans have been given a significant data allowance boost over their predecessors, with the AU$45 plan hopping from 30GB to 40GB, the AU$55 plan jumping from 60GB to 150GB, and the AU$65 plan leaping from 100GB to a whopping 300GB.

Additionally, the updated plans include some new bonus inclusions, such as unlimited international calls to Zone 1 countries on the Medium and Large Plans. 

Vodafone Australia's updated postpaid SIM-only range can be found below — simply click on one of them to find out more about it. Alternatively, you can read about the best cheap Australian mobile plans here, which start at under AU$10.

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