This Disney Plus show should tide you over until Stranger Things season 4

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Eagerly anticipating returning to Hawkins, Indiana when Stranger Things season 4 hits Netflix this May? Disney Plus may have the perfect show to help tide you over until then.

Parallels is a French science-fiction mystery series that just dropped on Disney Plus this week. Even better, the streamer has forgone its usual weekly-release schedule in favor of dropping the show’s entire six episode first season all at once. So binge-watch away! 

Like Stranger Things, Parallels focuses on a tight-knit group of young adolescents living in a sleepy town whose lives are dramatically changed after a mysterious event. Rather than stumbling upon a young girl with a shaved-head in the woods, in Parallels the central foursome get sent to parallel dimensions during an electrical storm. They must find a way to reunite, and return their world to normal. 

The show is heavy on the mystery, throwing viewers plenty of twists and turns in each 40-minute episode. If you like attempting to piece together exactly what’s going to happen next, and then being completely surprised by what actually does, Parallels could well be for you. 

It’s also a refreshing change to see Disney Plus pushing out an original series that isn’t tied to Marvel or Star Wars, or isn’t an animated series designed primarily for young children. Parallels is rated TV-14, so while it’s a level up from much of the Disney Plus’ library, it’s still a show suitable for family viewing. 

We rank Disney Plus as one of the best streaming services available, but it’s been justifiably criticized in the past for offering a library that is lacking when it comes to variety. The recent addition of the Netflix Marvel series such as Daredevil was a step towards fixing this problem, and new original shows like Parallels is another. It’s great to see the service offering some content that you might not traditionally associate with Disney. 

As for what’s next for Disney Plus, the next series set within the juggernaut Marvel Cinematic Universe, Moon Knight, is scheduled to debut next week. Plus the service recently premiered the latest movie from animation powerhouse Pixar, Turning Red

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