Totally Rated: Steam Deck reveal, Elgato Facecam and more

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Totally Rated features reviews and opinions of what's hot and what's not in the tech and gaming world. Bringing together leading titles from across the industry, we hear first hand from those who have reviewed — and rated — the very latest games and products on the market.

In this week’s episode, Dead Space is set for a remake, Elgato launched a brand new Facecam and could the Steam Deck become the ultimate industry disruptor?

Last week EA Play revealed that critically acclaimed horror series, Dead Space would be set for a remake. It had been rumored for some time, so it wasn’t the biggest surprise of the event. The short CGI reveal would suggest the game is further away than many fans would’ve hoped. But, in an EA press release, it was revealed that the Dead Space remake is: “Rebuilt from the Ground Up on the Frostbite Engine for Next-Gen.”

In Tech, Elgato launched a brand new Facecam this week and while it’s good news for experienced streamers, the price might be prohibitive for others. 

TechRadar’s Jess Weatherbed wrote: “The Elgato Facecam fills a gap in the existing family of products that Elgato markets towards streamers and content creators, and it does so with minimal disappointments."

For Weatherbed, she felt that the Facecam is cheaper than shelling out the cash for a DSLR, but its lack of onboard mic and autofocus might still make it prohibitive for first-time streamers. 

“It hits the nail on the head for features that streamers actually want, unlike some of its competition and makes for a cheaper investment than buying a DSLR and Cam Link.

“If you're looking for a webcam to start a Twitch channel and you have the cash to spare, the Facecam is our hands-down recommendation right now.”

And finally, earlier this month Valve unveiled its new handheld computer, the Steam Deck. 

It allows gamers to play the latest steam titles on the go, giving them to ability to pick up their favorite PC games where they left them off from. It will also be possible to dock the Steam Deck and play it on a monitor or television, more like a conventional console experience. 

The official dock will be sold separately and enables your Steam Deck to connect through wired internet, use USB peripherals, and power and charge the device, essentially turning the Steam Deck into a desktop PC. 

The Steam Deck comes in at three different price points with varying amounts of storage and types of hard drives — ranging from $400-650 USD it seems like a device that might appeal to a huge player base. 

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Imad Khan

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