The Last of Us remake reportedly coming to PS5 — and that’s not all

The Last of Us
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Update: The latest rumor is that the Last of Us remake could hit PS5 this holiday season

Beloved PlayStation exclusive The Last of Us is reportedly getting remade for the PS5, while a sequel to 2019’s Day Gone was pitched to Sony by Bend Studio, but was apparently declined. 

These two pretty juicy bits of news come thanks to a report from Bloomberg, which claims that a remake of The Last of Us, originally released on the PS3 in 2013, is being worked on at PlayStation Studios under the codename T1X.  

The outlet claims that Michael Mumbauer, the founder of a support developer at Sony, assembled a 30-person team to create a remake of The Last of Us after opting against remaking the first Uncharted game. 

The project pretty quickly hit turbulence as the budget spiraled and the team was instead moved to assist Naughty Dog in the development of The Last of Us Part II, which was at the time entering its final stretch ahead its summer 2020 release. 

After the sequel’s successful release, several members of the team at Naughty Dog were asked to move over to the T1X project and Mumbauer subsequently left the team. Although, work is reportedly still continuing on the remake. 

While we can appreciate that The Last of Us is something of the jewel in Sony’s exclusive games portfolio, it does seem rather odd to remake a game that is only seven years old and hardly looks or plays dated at this point. 

It’s even stranger when you consider The Last of Us was already remastered in 2014 for a PS4 release. Though it would be a well-timed remake with the HBO adaption of the game scheduled to enter production this summer. 

Disharmony at PlayStation Studios 

Days Gone screengrab

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Bloomberg also reports that Bend Studios pitched a sequel to its 2019 zombie-action game Days Gone. It was pitched soon after the release of the original game, but apparently did not go successfully. 

Bend was reportedly moved over to assist on Naughty Dog’s upcoming titles which include a multiplayer game (believed to be set in The Last of Us universe) as well the long-rumored next entry in the Uncharted franchise. 

The timeline is a little fuzzy but Bend is now back working on its own original game, but whether this is a new IP, or maybe newly greenlit Days Gone 2, is currently unclear. 

While this might all seem like great news for PS5 players, Bloomberg has been led to understand that there is growing disharmony among several PlayStation development teams. Studio Bend developers are especially not being happy about having their autonomy taken away, instead being forced into a support role for Naughty Dog. 

Time will tell if these reports end up being accurate, but it’s likely that remake of The Last of Us would go down very well with PlayStation fans (and we’d not say no to a Days Gone sequel either, though it looks unlikely). 

Of course, if these projects do prove to be real, then you’ll need a PS5 to play them. Unfortunately, that's much easier said than done. Make sure to bookmark our where to buy a PS5 guide for the latest stock information as we get it. 

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