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The excellent Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar is $50 off right now — and it has Alexa

Yamaha YAS-209
(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The Yamaha YAS-209 is one of the best soundbars you can buy, thanks to its rich sound quality and handy Alexa voice controls. And it's an even sweeter deal at $50 off, as Yamaha's excellent soundbar is $299 on Amazon right now.

The YAS-209 packs a slim 36-inch design that should fit well under most TVs, and includes a wireless subwoofer for adding deeper bass to your favorite shows and movies. But its real standout feature is its ability to work with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant.

Yamaha YAS-209: was $349 now $299 @ Amazon
The Yamaha YAS-209 delivers excellent sound for music, movies and shows complete with support for Amazon Alexa.View Deal

In our Yamaha YAS-209 review, we praised the soundbar for its responsive Alexa controls. We were able to easily change the soundbar's volume and input using voice commands, while also taking advantage of standard Alexa features like being able to ask for the weather or control smart home devices.

The YAS-209 also simply sounds great, with crisp dialog for hearing your favorite shows clearly and an immersive 3D surround mode for simulating the movie theater. We also found the soundbar to double as a great music speaker thanks to its deep bass and sharp treble.

If you find yourself having more and more movie nights at home with the family, the YAS-209 is one of your best options in this price range — especially at $50 off.

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  • ScottLewis
    Which of the two Yamaha soundbars is good enough for small house parties? I have been turning the internet upside down researching about soundbars and these Yamaha siblings caught my eyes. Yamaha YAS-109 and Yamaha YAS-209 look good and I learned that they contain in-built Alexa as well. Plus, they are powered by a MediaTek chip inside them and are said to offer good power output and are good in response too with numerous other awesome traits.
    But my trouble is, I cannot choose the perfect one between Yamaha YAS-109 and Yamaha YAS-209. Do you think the younger sibling with the inbuilt subwoofers would be a good option for the house parties of around 50 people? I heard even this YAS-109 has roof-trembling sound output and I want nothing more.
    Or do you think the senior sibling Yamaha YAS-209 is a better option with its external subwoofer would be much better for its cost? Now that the cost of this has reduced by 50 bucks, I can think of having it too. I really want suggestions from someone who has been using these and wish to know if MediaTek chipset in it offers it the desired power.