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Tesla Cybertruck: Launch window, price, range, interior and latest news

Tesla Cybertruck
(Image credit: Tesla)
Tesla Cybertruck

Release Date: 2022-2023
From $39,900
Power: Tri motor AWD
Battery range: 500+ miles
Towing capacity: 14,000+ lbs
0 to 60mph:
< 2.9 seconds
Autopilot, optional Full Self Driving option, Tesla premium connectivity,

The Tesla Cybertruck might look like it was designed by someone who is at war with curves, but its sharp angles certainly make for an interesting vehicle. Poised like a furious triangle, its front and back strip lights add to the aggressive stance of this new pickup-meets-luxury truck. 

But there's more to the Cybertruck than what appears to be the by product of one of Elon Musk's fever dreams. The truck is designed to offer all the things that makes a Tesla, including the minimalist design, and room for up to sic people to travel in a high-tech luxurious ride.

In other words, even if you ignore the design, this could prove to be the most unique truck coming to our streets. So here's everything you need to know about this very special, and equally bizarre, EV. 

Tesla Cybertruck latest news (updated October 13)

Tesla Cybertruck launch window

Tesla Cybertruck rear bed has room for accessories

Tesla Cybertruck may have accessories that allow the rear bed to be used for all sorts of activities (Image credit: Tesla Cybertruck)

Tesla won't be starting production on the Cybertruck until sometime next year, and volume production won't begin until sometime in 2023. Unfortunately this delay is due to supply chain issues affecting Tesla and the rest of the automotive industry.

Tesla originally said that Cybertruck production would being in late 2021 with the tri and dual-motor variants coming first. A cheaper rear-wheel drive model was also supposed to be available in late 2022, but now likely won't arrive until late 2023.

There had been some speculation that the Tesla Cybertruck would be pushed back to 2022. Not only did Tesla dodge questions about when production would start during its Q2 earnings call, there was no sign of the Texas gigafactory gearing up to start work on the Cybertruck anytime soon.

Sadly we just don't know when the Cybertruck will finally arrive, and what the delays mean for the production schedule of the dual and single motor models. 

Tesla Cybertruck price

According to Tesla the price for the Cybertruck will start at $39,900 for the single motor rear-wheel drive model. The dual motor all-wheel model will cost $49,900 and the three motor all-wheel drive car will cost $69,900. All models can be reserved now for a $100 refundable deposit. 

Interestingly the single motor Cybertruck is now the cheapest EV Tesla has to offer, thanks to the Model 3's recent price increase. However the new delays mean you likely won't get one for another two years.

While basic Autopilot is standard on all tesla vehicles, Cybertruck included, the Full Self Driving option will cost an additional $10,000. That's if you order right now anyway, and the Cybertruck order page points out anyone who orders later may be subject to future price increases. Considering Full Self Driving has risen by $4,000 since July 2019, it's only a matter of time before it happens again.

The Full Self Driving option unlocks a number of additional autonomous features, including auto parking, a 'summon' feature, and highway driving mode which can navigate from on-ramp to off-ramp completely by itself.

The Cybertruck is supposed to be heading to the U.K. to but questions remain over its arrival there. You can certainly order one already, but stricter rules about pedestrian safety might cause some problems. 

Tesla Cybertruck design 

Tesla Cybertruck renders in the desert

(Image credit: Tesla)

The one thing you can’t accuse the Cybertruck of is a lack of individuality. 

Elon Musk himself even tweeted that this was part of the truck's appeal. Or at least that's why he loves it so much. Musk claimed that other incoming electric cars look like copies of each other, while the Cybertruck "looks like it was made by aliens from the future".

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There's a bit of hyperbole there, since the Cybertruck has a very '90s-era vision of the future look about it.

While Musk admits that the weird design could be the Cybertruck's undoing, the fact that it is so unique is why he doesn't care if that happens. Not that the truck is likely to be any sort of commercial flop.

Tesla Cybertruck renders on the road

(Image credit: Tesla)

But it's not just the design. The Cybertruck’s approach to materials is a little different than most cars or trucks on the road. It uses what Tesla described as ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless steel. This is formed into an exoskeleton, which the company says is just about the hardest thing it could find. 

However, Elon Musk was involved in a Twitter exchange around the materials being used. In response to an article on SpaceX’s Starship Musk responded, saying, “We’re rapidly changing alloy constituents & forming methods, so traditional names like 304L will become more of an approximation.” He was then asked if that included the Cybertruck, to which he replied simply “yes”.

Musk also said that the final Cybertruck would be around 3% smaller than the prototype shown at the launch event. Presumably the company will also have done some work on its smash resistant glass, which was famously smashed by a large ball bearing during the event. 

Tesla Cybertruck interior

Tesla Cybertruck interior

(Image credit: Tesla)

Early previews of the interior show a very Tesla look. There’s seating for up to six people, three in the front and bench seating in the back for another three. The new steering wheel is present, offering an almost aircraft yoke design, and there’s a modest screen mounted centrally in a marble-effect dash. 

It’s a very simple, very functional design that hides a lot of the technology under the hood. In other words, it's quintessentially Tesla in every way. 

Tesla Cybertruck battery and range 

The range of the Cybertruck will vary depending on which model you buy. The single motor RWD model claims a range of more than 250 miles, according to Tesla. The dual motor will do 300 miles and the three motor model 500 miles.

It’s not clear yet what capacity the cells in the Cybertruck will be. However, it’s likely that tesla will employ the new 4680 cell batteries to try and keep costs as low as possible. 

A 4680'snew spiral design promises 16% more range and six times the power of the existing cells. There’s also a price reduction here that should see the cost of cells decrease quite substantially. Tesla’s long term goal of the $25,000 low-cost electric car hinges on this becoming a reality. 

These cells are set to be included in the latest version of the Model Y, which is in development at the Telsa Gigafactory in Texas. This factory is also set to produce the Cybertruck as well, further suggesting that the new battery tech will be employed in the truck. 

However Model Y production is taking priority, and the Cybertruck won't go into full production until later.

Tesla Cybertruck performance

Tesla Cybertruck rear bed and ramp

(Image credit: Tesla)

Tesla says the single motor Cybertruck will go from zero to 60 mph in under 6.5 seconds. That might seem slow by Tesla standards, but this is a truck after all, and their bulk typically prevents super-fast acceleration.

The dual motor car manages the 0-60 sprint in 4.5 seconds, and the three-motor variant can do it in 2.9 seconds. That's all fantastically quick for a large vehicle that can tow weights ranging from 7,500 lbs with the single motor, 10,000 lbs for the dual and 14,000 lbs for the triple motor setup. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also confirmed that the car will come with rear-wheel steering, which is designed to increase the truck's agility and help it make tight turns. It sounds a lot like Hummer's 'crab mode' which utilizes torque vectoring to drive diagonally, enabling it to get in and out of tight situations.

Tesla Cybertruck outlook 

Tesla Cybertruck

(Image credit: Tesla)

The Cybertruck is likely to be automotive gold for Tesla. For one thing, the price is pretty reasonable. If you were speccing up a Ford F-150 you’d spend between $36,000 and $70,000 depending on the options. That means for many people the Tesla is going to be an affordable option, especially since you won't be paying for fuel. 

What’s more, the radical design of Cybertruck means that it’s gathering interest from people who wouldn’t usually even consider a truck. Sure, it’s practical, but it’s also designed to be comfortable and eye-catching. Everyone from farmers to TikTok creators are going to be keen to have this truck on their driveway. 

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