Tesla Cybertruck will finally go on sale in 2023

a promotional photo of the tesla cybertruck
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After all those delays, we finally have a new launch window for the Tesla Cybertruck. Taking to the stage at Tesla “Cyber Rodeo” event at Tecla's Giga Texas factory, CEO Elon Musk confirmed the electric truck is now set to go on sale sometime in 2023. 

Musk didn’t specify when in 2023 the first Cybertrucks might hit the streets. That means we could be waiting a year to see the all-electric truck, or closer to 18 months. And we likely won’t know for sure until the truck actually goes into production.

Originally slated for a late 2021 launch, the Cybertruck was first pushed back to late 2022 thanks to supply chain issues. Worsening supply chain issues, and Tesla prioritizing increased production on its existing cars, meant further delays. All Musk would say at the time was that Tesla hoped to begin production sometime in 2023. 

Just a few weeks ago Musk announced that Tesla hopes to have finished development on the Cybertruck before the end of this year. Once done the path to mass production is open, meaning Giga Texas can start churning out the bizarre-looking trucks.

But the Giga Rodeo wasn’t all about the Cybertruck. Musk announced that a “wide beta” of its Full Self-Driving Autopilot technology will launch in North America sometime this year. But he didn’t elaborate with any details. 

How this beta will differ from the current Full Self Driving beta program is unclear, though it may just be Tesla plans to lower the barrier of entry, and relax the strict driving requirements needed to participate.

Musk also claims that production on the second generation Tesla Roadster and the Tesla Semi, which have both been delayed even more than the Cybertruck, will also begin next year. Apparently there are also plans to release new unannounced products, but obviously we don’t know much about them. 

One future product, with an indeterminate launch date, is a “futuristic” robo taxi. Details are scant, though it relies on self-driving technology reaching a certain level of effectiveness. Despite Musk’s many bold and ambitious promises, that still hasn’t happened.

Sadly we didn’t hear anything about the $25K hatchback, which Musk previously said the automaker isn't currently working on

Instead Tesla is prioritizing the humanoid Optimus “Tesla Bot," which Musk announced is set to go into production next year. Though given Musk’s tendency to overpromise, and Tesla’s long history of delaying new products, I wouldn’t give good odds on Tesla sticking to that timeline.

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