Tesla Cybertruck prototype revealed up close in leaked photos

New tesla Cybertruck owner's forum
(Image credit: Tesla Cybertruck Owner's Club)

Update: A new spy video shows off another view of the Cybertruck, revealing the bed cover and showing just how large it is

If the rumors are to be true, the Tesla Cybertruck won’t be arriving for at least a year. But that doesn’t mean we have to be kept in the dark about what’s going on; quite the opposite, in fact, and this new batch of leaked images proves it.

The photos were posted to the Cybertruck Owners’ Club forum, and show off a number of changes compared to the model Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled in 2019. The car still has the same blocky design as before, albeit with a slightly curved windshield this time, but it’s clear Tesla hasn’t been wasting time.

Most notable here are the side mirrors and the giant windshield wiper. The announcement model lacked both these features, but recent leaks have given us a glimpse at a prototype Cybertruck that has both. Now we get to see them up close.

Tesla Cybertruck

(Image credit: Tesla Cybertruck Owner's CLub)

Both features have proven controversial in the past, to the point where Musk has had to promise prospective buyers that the side mirrors are designed to be “easily removed." 

The wiper is also still said to be a work in progress, and from these images it looks like it can extend to cover the entire windshield in one go. It’s still unclear whether it's the “electromagnetic wiper” that has been rumored to appear on the truck.

Other points to note are the lack of door handles, another feature that had been rumored. And means the Cybertruck does away with the flush pop-out handles you’ll see on other Tesla cars. Musk previously claimed the Cybertruck will be able to sense when people are approaching the car and open the doors for them — though it’s unclear if that’s the case here.

Tesla Cybertruck

Comparison of Cybertruck prototypes (Image credit: Tesla Cybertruck Owner's CLub)

The wheels have also changed, now coming with removable covers that should prove to improve aerodynamics — and improve your range. The wheels underneath don’t look particularly interesting, but the cover does seem to add to the Cybertruck’s bizarre blocky design.

The response in the Cybertruck Owner’s Club forum has been mainly positive. Though there has been plenty of speculation about the truck’s design, and what the tweaked design will mean for the final product.

However, with more than a year to go before the Cybertruck is rumored to start production, there’s still time for Tesla to continue modifying the design. There's even time for the rumors of a smaller model to come true, should Tesla actually be working on it.

So watch this space, and expect Elon Musk to have plenty of things to say about the Cybertruck in the coming months.

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