Sci-fi fans just got a new reason to cancel Netflix

A photo of the core characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation
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We’re sorry to say that Star Trek: The Next Generation is boldly going off Netflix from April 1. That leaves Trekkies only three weeks to get their fill of Captain Picard and pals. 

This won’t come as a huge surprise for Netflix Star Trek followers, as the streamer has slowly been beaming various Star Trek shows off its platform since last September. 

Where once Netflix was the streaming service for nearly all things Star Trek, it lost Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise last fall. And now it looks like the iconic TNG will be sucked into a wormhole to go wherever it is shows yanked from Netflix end up;  perhaps there's an alternate dimension where Netflix is chock full of Star Trek, and where the likes of sci-fi shows Altered Carbon and Another Life are alive and well. 

So if you want to get your TNG fix before April, you’ll need to watch all 177 episodes at warp speed; that’s well in excess of 100 hours of watching time. TNG was around from 1987 to 1994, so it's no surprise there's a spaceship-load of episodes to binge. 

That’s not to say Netflix will be left Star Trek free come April, as Deep Space Nine will remain on the streaming service. But there's a distinct whiff that Star Trek's days on Netflix are coming to an end. 

But if you want to cling-on to your Star Trek fix, then you don’t need to look light years away, as all Star Trek series are currently available to stream on Paramount Plus. The newer streaming service also has a suite of other Star Trek spin-off series such as Discovery and Lower Decks. Perhaps this could be the time to cancel Netflix and explore strange new streaming services.  

If you want a fix of Patrick Stewart’s Captain Picard, you'll find one on Paramount Plus in the U.S. and Prime Video in U.K. taking the form of Picard, now in its second season. 

Also, while we’re taking Amazon, we can highly recommend The Expanse. It offers physics-based hard sci-fi as opposed to phasers, tachyons, and holodecks, but it has an awesome story and some killer ship combat. 

Do remember that Netflix also has a host of movies that’ll leave the service this month, so check out our list of 11 Netflix movies to watch before they leave in March 2022

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