Save $20 on Google's clever Pixel Stand wireless charger

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Google's clever and intuitive Pixel Stand is by far the best wireless charger for Pixel phones, and it's now on sale at Amazon.

Currently, you can get the Google Pixel Stand for $60 at Amazon. That's $20 off and a great price for this charger. If you own a Pixel 3 or Pixel 4 and don't have a Pixel Stand, it's a great accessory for your smartphone.

Google Pixel Stand Wireless Charger: was $80 now $60 @ Amazon

Google Pixel Stand Wireless Charger: was $80 now $60 @ Amazon
A good wireless charger is a great accessory to have for your smartphone, and if you own a Pixel, there's no faster or better-designed option than Google's very own Pixel Stand, which is $20 off today at Amazon.  

The Pixel Stand not only charges those phones at the maximum-possible wattage (10W for Pixel 3, 11W for Pixel 4) but it also unlocks new experiences and subtle interface tweaks that essentially turn your handset into a mini Google Nest Hub speaker when docked.

That means you see notifications, calendar events and other pertinent information in a more glanceable way on the Pixels' lock screen while the device charges. You can have your Pixel rotate through a collection of images in your Google Photos library if you so choose; you can also have it show you the feed from your Nest camera if someone's at the door.

The Sunrise alarm is one of my favorite Pixel Stand features — it slowly brightens the display, making it yellow minutes before you wake up, to provide a subtler, more natural experience of starting the day. It makes the Pixel Stand a fantastic bedside companion.

The Pixel Stand can wirelessly charge practically any smartphone, but you'll only see the fastest speeds, as well as all of those additional features when docked, only when using it in tandem with a Pixel. Notably, the Pixel 3a does not support wireless charging, and there hasn't been much evidence to suggest the Pixel 4a will incorporate it either, though it's reasonable to expect the feature will make a return in the flagship Pixel 5.

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