Samsung tipped to launch Galaxy Flip and Galaxy Fold Ultra in 2025

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 on table
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Future Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip phones could be getting Ultra models according to one tipster on Twitter.

The clamshell design Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and horizontally folding Galaxy Z Fold 4 are already two of the best foldable phones on the market but according to insider RGcloudS 2025 could see them receive 'Ultra' variants.  

The tweet didn’t provide much in the way of details, but as well as indicating we will have to wait until after 2024 for a release, it did specify that the Z Fold Ultra will feature a 4K display made by Samsung itself while the Z Flip Ultra will have a 2K Samsung built display. RGcloudS also expects a third foldable to join the lineup, called the Z Flex. The tipster believes it will feature the tri-folding mechanism that has been rumored for some time now. 

Currently, Samsung releases three models of its non-folding flagship, but that too looks set to change according to RGcloudS. They expect Samsung to drop the Samsung Galaxy S Plus range altogether and replace it with an S Premium moniker instead. Certainly, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus is a good phone, but it does need to differentiate more from the other models.

Do we need a Fold and Flip Ultra? 

Samsung’s foldables are already very pricey with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 setting you back $1,799. With the Galaxy S23 Ultra costing $400 more than the base model, an Ultra Fold would likely be one of the most expensive phones on the market, pushing $2,000. 

For that kind of money, customers would surely expect a very high-quality product. RGcloudS states that work on these Ultra models would be led by head of MX design Hubert Lee, previously Chief Design Officer at Mercedes China, so he knows how to create a luxury product. 

While foldable phones are cool, by 2025 we could be starting to see micro-LED displays hit the market. These screens offer practical improvements over today’s phones with a noticeably brighter display and improved efficiency increasing battery life, arguably a more important innovation than a folding screen. We'd like to see that display tech filter into the phones world, potentially ushering in a new display standard. 

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