Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may ditch this hallmark feature

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s wearables have historically set themselves apart with a neat hardware trick that keeps them in touch with classic, analogue watches: the rotating bezel. 

First introduced on the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch in 2015, the rotating bezel offers a different way of controlling app selection, providing more accuracy than stabbing at the tiny screen with your finger, and has been a popular feature all the way up to last year’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

But it's time may soon be over. The reliable leaker Ice Universe has hinted that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro won’t be getting the feature. In a reply to @sondesix’s tweet hoping the watch will come with a rotating bezel, Ice Universe simply responded: “Unfortunately, the galaxy watch5 pro will disappoint you.”

True, the phrasing is somewhat ambiguous and could refer to any number of ways in which the wearable could disappoint. But the fact that it’s a direct response to a tweet about rotating bezels makes that feel like a long shot.

If that reading is indeed correct, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that the rotating bezel could be headed for the scrapheap. But previously my assumption was that while the ‘Classic’ might be no more, the feature would simply move over to the Pro in a bit of mild rebranding. This latest bit of intel suggests that’s not the case, and it really could be being abandoned this generation.

If that’s true, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro does sound like a very different animal than its predecessors. We’ve already heard that the Watch 5 Pro sports a massive 572mAh battery (around 60% larger than the 361mAh cell found in the 46mm Galaxy Watch 4) and will feature both sapphire glass and titanium in the build. All of this could add up to a big and expensive wearable.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 charger leaks

One thing that does appear set to stay in the upcoming generation of Galaxy Watches is the wireless charging puck — at least in terms of appearance. SamMobile has spotted certification documentation for the ER-OR900 charger at the Korean Research Agency, and the supplied image makes it look identical to the previous generation.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 charger

(Image credit: Korean Research Agency / Samsung)

A couple of caveats here. Firstly, this is only the charger for the Galaxy Watch 5, and not the Pro, so there could be something completely different to power up for the new and exciting model. 

Secondly, appearances can be deceptive, and just because it looks the same on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s not more advanced within. The last-generation wearables were capped at 5W speeds, meaning it took around two hours to charge from zero to 100%. 

Perhaps the new hardware will offer something a bit quicker, meaning less downtime overall. Certainly you’d hope so for the Pro, given its massive battery…

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