Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could be super tough — and super pricey

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
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Whether Samsung releases two or three Galaxy Watch 5 wearables, it’s widely accepted that one will be a ‘Pro’ model. Previously, the only hint at what makes said wearable ‘Pro’ is it's rumored massive 572 mAh battery, but now the leaker Ice Universe has claimed that build quality could play a big part in that designation too.

In an extremely abrupt tweet, Ice Universe stated that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will feature both a titanium frame and sapphire glass. Both of these point to a watch that’s resistant to bumps, knocks and scratches with a premium look, but the real question is what this will do to pricing.

As 9to5Google points out, there are a few premium smartwatches with sapphire screens from the likes of Tag Heuer, but there hasn’t been a more mainstream Wear OS device with it since 2015’s Huawei Watch

That cost $350 in 2015, which isn’t a million miles away from the $300 of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but that’s before you take into account seven years of inflation, a chip shortage and the fact that Samsung tends to price its products higher than Huawei. In other words, this could get extremely pricey.

It’s also worth returning to that 572 mAh battery rumor, because that suggests we’re looking at a large watch — which, again, will add more to the price. Perhaps that large size is why we’re apparently looking at a titanium build: it’s a lighter metal that could make the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro comfortable for extended wear — the kind of extended wear that hopefully such a large battery will facilitate.

On the subject of sizing, Ice Universe added that the “Pro does not have narrow bezels," adding they’re “even a bit wide." 

Perhaps that suggests, as I previously speculated, that the rotating bezel may not be dead, but relocated to the Pro model. We’ll likely find out for sure this fall when the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 family is expected to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4.

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