Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 leak reveals key features — and weird gesture controls

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 leak
(Image credit: Evan Blass)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will have some interesting gesture tracking controls to trigger various functions to go alongside its rotating bezels. 

Sources tipped Gizmodo off about the gesture controls and told it that Samsung has yet to settle on the Galaxy Watch 3 name. That could suggest Samsung might be looking at a new brand name to separate its upcoming smartwatch from the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The gesture controls seem a little bizarre. The first will see Galaxy Watch 3 users raise their hand to activate Bixby, which might be an easier way to trigger Samsung’s virtual assistant than barking “hey Bixby” into your smartwatch as if it’s a prop out of a sci-fi movie.

Galaxy Watch 3 gestures

(Image credit: Gizmodo)

Then there’s the mute call gesture, which involves making a fist and shaking it up and down. Depending on where you live, this could raise some embarrassing situations for Galaxy Watch 3 wearers. 

Gizmodo’s report also highlighted other features for the Galaxy Watch 3, such as fall detection that will trigger an SOS call and text to share the victim’s current location. And it also highlighted how Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch will have a heart and blood pressure monitor, as well as an ECG sensor, as seen in the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Watch 3 will come with “one-click” music controls, smart replies, camera controls for your phone, and Bluetooth disconnection alerts. Enhanced fitness tracking features will also be thrown into the mix, such as real-time feedback on your running. 

According to Gizmodo, the Galaxy Watch 3 will launch on August 5, and will make its debut alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

All in all, the Galaxy Watch 3 is set to be an interesting smartwatch, especially as it’s expected to bring back the neat rotating bezel found in previous Samsung smartwatches. Nine configurations of the Galaxy Watch 3 are expected and it’s predicted to cost between $400 and $600. 

We’ll have to wait a month or so before we see if the Galaxy Watch 3 can take on the Apple Watch 5 and pose an early challenge to the Apple Watch 6. But so far it’s looking like a strong Samsung smartwatch. 

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