Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra just tipped for blazing 65W charging

A render of the Galaxy S24 Ultra from the back and front in black
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A bunch of smartphones have some pretty incredible charging speeds and can exceed the 45W wired charging of our best phone pick: the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. But a new rumor claims that the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra could start closing that gap — by upgrading the battery hardware.

According to Twitter leaker RGcloudS, the Galaxy S24 Ultra may well be capable of 65W fast charging — a pretty considerable upgrade. These speeds could be implemented thanks to a combination of a stacked battery and new cooling gel — all of which will ensure the 5,000 mAh battery remains cool and stable.

RGcloudS claims that the Galaxy S24 Plus will also come with a 5,000 mAh battery, but it’s unclear whether it will have a stacked structure or not. They claim that it’s possible, but that structure will be different than that in the Ultra. No doubt because Samsung won’t need to account for such high charging speeds.

Galaxy S24 Ultra: Why a stacked battery?

This isn’t the first time rumors have suggested Samsung could implement a stacked battery in the Galaxy S24 lineup. The idea is, as the name suggests, components are stacked much more tightly. A report from The Elec claims Samsung could gain up to 10% more energy density without increasing the size of the battery. 

This technique for increasing battery capacity has already been used in electric cars. Larger batteries offer more power, but are much heavier — limiting the benefits to the car’s range. Opting for denser batteries has allowed car makers to increase the overall power reserves while minimizing the increase in weight.

The main benefit for smartphones is that phone makers would be able to increase battery capacity without adding any additional bulk to the phone. Offering the same capacity as previous models could also free up space inside the phone for other things. That may prove beneficial for the Samsung Galaxy Z foldables, since each display typically has to be thinner than your average smartphone.

RGcloudS notes that there are a few caveats to this rumor. The first is that stacked batteries will be limited, and that may be why it’s only really expected on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. They also claim that these details are from the prototype and aren’t final — stacked battery equipment apparently hasn’t even arrived at Samsung’s Cheonan plant in Seoul. So, as is the case with all rumors, it’s prudent to be skeptical until we get official confirmation.

The Galaxy S24 series isn’t due to arrive until early 2024, so we’re going to have to be very patient until then. In the meantime you can read about the latest news and rumors in our Samsung Galaxy S24 and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hubs.

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