iPhone 15 tipped for 'aggressive' use of AI — what you need to know

iPhone 15 Pro
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AI could play a big role in the iPhone 15, with Apple touted to use the smart tech to boost the Health app on the next-generation iPhone. 

That’s according to Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities with a solid record for iPhone predictions and tips, who told the Daily Mail that “it’s only a matter of time before Apple aggressively moves into artificial intelligence.” And Ives expects the iPhone 15 to be the tip of that AI push. 

Apple already uses AI (or machine learning at least) for the likes of Siri and smart photo rendering. It also touts the neural processing capabilities of its more recent A-series chips, and there's plenty of machine learning capabilities in iOS 17, such as with the new keyboard with improved auto-correct. However, iPhones are somewhat less AI-centric than say the Google Pixel 7 with its Tensor chip that puts AI processing at the core of the phone. 

Given the iPhone 15 series looks set to be more of an inerative upgrade in terms of hardware over the iPhone 14, with only the iPhone 15 Pro Max rumored to have a true standout feature in the form of a periscope camera, an upgrade on the software side with a focus on AI does make sense. 

Ives suggests that through AI integration the iOS Health app will be able to make tailored recommendations on things like workouts, meal plans and exercise routines based on collected information such as heart rate, sleep and breathing data. 

The analyst also says that Apple could use AI to track a person’s mood by listening to their speech; it could even be applied to text messages. We can imagine some people balking at the idea of such a feature, even if it stays on device. 

iPhone 15 and AI  

With the rise of ChatGPT and Google Bard chatbots, as well as other AI-powered systems, apps and tools, it wouldn’t be surprising for Apple to have a focus on AI in the near future. And with phone hardware upgrades not offering quite the leaps in performance and photography results as they once did, AI and ever-smarter software could be the next frontier for smartphones. 

That being said, I’d argue that Apple’s Siri virtual assistant is nowhere near as smart as the likes of the Google Assistant, and that Apple’s AI tech in the consumer space so far has some way to go to catch up with Google. 

But focusing on specific apps and services, like the aforementioned Health app, could let Apple build up its use of AI on iPhones in incremental steps, letting the folks at Cupertino optimize machine learning models, while also introducing AI-powered features to iPhone users in a way that feels smart, natural and non-intrusive. 

With Apple likely set to introduce the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max at the Apple September Event, we’ve don't have that much longer to wait. 

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