Samsung Galaxy S21 colors just leaked — here's what you'll get

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
(Image credit: OnLeaks)

With the iPhone 12, OnePlus 8T, and Pixel 5 all now on store shelves around the world, the next big handset launch once again falls to Samsung. The Galaxy S21 is said to be coming a bit earlier than usual in January 2021, bringing with it the usual leap forwards that Samsung introduces with its flagship devices. 

And now, thanks to industry insider Ross Young, we have the full list of colors Samsung will ship the S21 in.

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If Young is correct, then we’ll have the standard S21 in gray, pink, violet or white; the S21 Plus in black or silver; and the S21 Ultra in black, silver or violet. Production, he adds, is happening in Brazil, Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam, for those that care where their device is assembled.

Young himself has a mixed track record in terms of leaks. He incorrectly predicted no Ultra version of the Galaxy Note 20 and anticipated S Pen support for the Galaxy Fold 2, but was one of the earliest voices correctly saying there would be no 120Hz screen on the iPhone 12. Nonetheless, with this particular leak, Young certainly seems confident, adding that it’s “100%.” 

With the colors apparently nailed down, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is really beginning to take shape. Just yesterday, CAD designs showed what the S21 Plus will look like, and earlier in the week we got a close look at the housing of the curious new wrap-around camera

It’s what’s on the inside that really counts, of course, and the S21 news we’ve heard so far has been pretty encouraging. While early benchmarks of the Exynos 1000 chipset don't exactly appear exciting, it’s expected that the phone will come with the brand-new Snapdragon 875 for the US, as per usual. The camera setup should be equally impressive – with the 108-MP main camera sensor, supported by not one, but two telephoto lenses which could really shake things up. 

There’s also the persistent rumor that the S21 will be the first Galaxy S phone to support the S Pen, previously reserved for Note handsets and select tablets. Notably, the latest renders don’t show a place to holster the stylus when not in use. But that’s not wholly surprising, as it’s reportedly set to be an optional accessory, rather than integral to the experience as it is with the Note.

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