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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 release date could be imminent — here's the proof

Nvidia RTX 3080
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The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 looks set to be revealed at the beginning of September, alongside a range of Ampere architecture-based consumer graphics cards. 

At least that's what sources in the know have told WCCFtech, which noted that Nvidia plans to launch a trio of next-generation graphics cards in September. Another graphics card will follow in October, potentially a GeForce RTX 2070 or RTX 2060. And another two will arrive later on down the line, though it’s not known when. 

Nvidia has been tipped to launch a new generation of GeForce cards that build upon the successes of its Turing architecture, which brought in dedicated hardware for real-time ray-tracing. The end of August or early September looks like the windows we should expect for the next big GeForce showcase; it’s been two years since the Turing-based GeForce 20-series graphics cards were revealed after all. 

Nvidia is joining in the hype train, with a tweet that reads "#UltimateCountdown" and includes footage of what appears to be a rendered interstellar event. It looks pretty cool, even with Twitter's video resolution restraints:

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With the 20-series, Nvidia revealed the top-of-the-line GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, followed by the RTX 2080, and the RTX 2070. Later on down the line, it launched the GeForce RTX 2060, a mid-range Turing-based graphics card, which arguably made ray-tracing affordable to a lot of PC gamers. 

Given the release stages WCCFtech’s sources have detailed, we’d not be surprised to hear that a GeForce RTX 3090 spearheaded the new GeForce lineup, followed by an RTX 3080 Ti, then the much-rumored RTX 3080. Those GPUs would make up Nvidia’s high-end graphics card options. According to the leak, it looks like the top-end Ampere GeForce card could have a massive 24GB of video memory, which would pretty much destroy any other gaming-grade GPU around. 

Then in October, GeForce TX 3070 Ti and RTX 3070 could make up the second tier Ampere graphics cards, or perhaps an RTX 3070 and RTX 3060. 

GeForce RTX 3080

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However, the latter card aimed at next-generation mid-range gaming could be one of the GPUs that come out later on in the year or early 2021. The GeForce RTX 3060 could then lead the charge for PC gamers who want a powerful yet affordable graphics card, And then the other GPU to be revealed alongside it cold be either a less powerful or tweaked version of the RTX 3060. 

This staggered release would give Nvidia the scope to release graphics cards that could undercut any retorts from AMD. Team Red has its Nvidia-killer’ Big Navi graphics card in the works that will supposedly take on the best GeForce GPUs around. But it could also release new graphics cards based on the RDNA 2 graphics architecture - the same used by the GPUs in the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X - to offer powerful graphics cards that are very competitively priced. 

We haven’t got long to wait until we see what Nvidia has been working on for its next-generation GeForce cards. And with new games consoles on the horizon, Big Navi, and other PC hardware, the second half of the year is looking to be a pretty interesting time for PC gamers. 

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