Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure Lets You Fight Monsters by Working Out

We finally know exactly what Nintendo's strange new Nintendo Switch fitness game is. Launching on Oct. 18, Ring Fit Adventure is a fitness-based adventure game that lets you explore a fantasy world by running in place and fight monsters by performing workouts. It looks totally wacky, and actually pretty fun.

As we saw in last week's video, Ring Fit Adventure will come with two motion-tracking devices: a Ring-Con band that "turns physical force into powerful attacks," and a leg strap that tracks your movement. Each gadget houses a single Switch Joy-Con to keep tabs on your motions.

The game itself looks like a full-on fitness role-playing game, and much more involved than the casual Wii Fit fare we've seen on previous Nintendo consoles. Ring Fit Adventure casts you in a colorful fantasy world, which you can explore by running in place or using the Ring-Con to paddleboard or fly. For a fitness game, Ring Fit Adventure's graphics look really impressive, and it could easily be mistaken for a traditional, modern RPG at first glance.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The game's combat is where things get interesting. You'll fight various types of enemies by performing different exercises, with four attack categories available. There's red (arm-based exercises), yellow (core muscle exercises), blue (leg exercises) and green (yoga), and performing the exercise that corresponds to the enemy's color will dole out more damage. That's a lot more strenuous than Final Fantasy. 

If the main Adventure mode seems too involved for you, there's also a Quick Play option that will let you do short workout exercises for high scores. You can choose to exercise specific muscle groups, or engage in mini-games that have you do things such as crush crates or perform some pottery. 

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This seems like the part of the game that Wii Fit fans who just want to take turns working up a sweat with the family will get the most out of. There will also be easier workout options for those just getting into fitness, and a silent mode that helps you work out without making much noise.

Ring Fit Adventure will cost $80 when it launches on Oct. 18, which doesn't seem like a bad price considering you're getting both the game and the workout hardware. It's neat to see Nintendo continue to deliver weird new Switch experiences such as this and Nintendo Labo while still doubling down on great first-party games, and I'm looking forward to making a fool of myself while fighting monsters with ab workouts.

Michael Andronico

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