Mint Mobile just cut the price of unlimited data in half

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While other prices keep rising, the monthly cost of wireless coverage at Mint Mobile just took a dip. And in the case of the discount carrier's unlimited plan, it's quite a sizable dip.

Mint normally charges $30 per month for unlimited data, both as an introductory rate and as the discounted rate you pay when you commit to a year's worth of service from the carrier. As part of a "deflation" promotion announced by celebrity owner Ryan Reynolds, though, that introductory rate falls to $15 a month — half of what you normally pay.

Mint unlimited data plan: Was $30/month now $15/month @ Mint Mobile

Mint unlimited data plan: Was $30/month now $15/month @ Mint Mobile
Mint is lowering the introductory price on all of its plans to $15/month for the first three months. That's half off the normal cost of Mint's already inexpensive unlimited data plan. Mint's rates do go back to their regular level after three months (and you'll need to get 12 months of service to get the best price), but this is a great way to save money on your cell phone plan. Take a look at our Mint Mobile coupons page for other ways to save. 

In fact, the $15 monthly rate covers all of Mint Mobile's plans, including the 15GB (normally $25/month) and 10GB (normally $20/month) offerings. Only the 4GB plan is unaffected, since that already has the introductory rate of $15/month.

There are some caveats to this limited-time offer. The $15 monthly rate for unlimited data only covers your first three months of service with Mint. After that, you'll need to commit to 12 months of service from the carrier to get the usual $30/month rate. Note that $30 per month for unlimited data would still place Mint's offering among the best unlimited data plans.

With Mint, you pay in advance, so that $15 monthly offer requires a payment of $45, followed by a payment of $360 to lock in the $30 rate for the subsequent 12 months. But after paying those amounts, your wireless service will be paid off well into 2023.

Mint Mobile ranks among the best phone carriers for its discounted wireless service. The carrier lets you pay for your plan in three-, six- and 12-month chunks, with the bigger discounts applied to the longer periods of service. Mint recently added family plans as well, in which every line on the same family plan is entitled to the same discounted rate; since Mint lets you mix-and-match different data allotments, it ranks among the best family cell phone plans we've seen.

Mint's lower prices will only stick around for a limited time. Consult our What Is Mint Mobile guide if you want to learn more about this carrier, which uses T-Mobile's cellular towers to provide 4G and 5G coverage to customers.

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