Alleged Microsoft Surface Duo 2 photos point to triple-camera setup

Microsoft Surface Duo 2
(Image credit: Tech Rat | YouTube)

Microsoft seems to be working on a sequel to the dual-screen Surface Duo, with images purporting to show off the upcoming phone. And while the device in the photos looks an awful lot like last year's original in many ways, we can see from the image that the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 has added a triple-camera array.

That news comes way of our sister-site Windows Central, as first reported by unknown YouTube channel Tech Rat. The video by Tech Rat is unremarkable, with a few low quality photos of the device narrated by an automated voice. 

While the photos look low quality, Windows Central claims that they're real, though there's no confirmation as to where they originated from. 

The report says the triple-camera array will consist of an ultrawide, telephoto and standard lenses. Apart from that, the Surface Duo 2 will look very similar to last year's device. 

Interestingly, Windows Central does believe that the Surface Duo 2 might ship with frosted glass on the exterior, and will also feature a black colorway. The fingerprint reader also looks to have moved, and may now be embedded into the power button. The USB Type-C port is now on the right side of the device.  

As for release date, Windows Central believes the device will ship in either September or October of this year. And unlike last year's device, which launched at a wallet-breaking $1,400 but featured specs from 2019, this unit is expected to offer more updated hardware. The triple lens array could be seen as a sign of that.

Windows Central believes the Surface Duo 2 will feature a Snapdragon 888 processor, 5G support and NFC communication for wireless payments. 

At the moment, there is no indication of how much the device will cost. While our review of last year's model praised its svelte design and unique take, overall the device was a bit of a mixed bag thanks to software hiccups and underwhelming specs. The price didn't do it any favors either. 

Already we're seeing prices of the original Surface Duo drop to as low as $410, almost $1,000 off its original price. Drastic price cuts like that indicate that Microsoft is aiming to liquidate current inventory to make room for something new. 

The sequel to the Duo will need to be pretty spectacular if it's to take on other foldable phones. Next month, Samsung is releasing follow-up foldables of its own — the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. And past versions of both models have gotten a warmer reception than the original Surface Duo.

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