LG's MoodUp refrigerator is ridiculous, but I want one

LG MoodUp refrigerator
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LG took a look at Samsung's Bespoke line of home appliances and said "hold my beer." Rather than being stuck with the same set of color panels on your fridge, the new LG MoodUp refrigerator has LED panels, the colors of which you can change at a whim. 

We had a chance to get an up close look at this new refrigerator at CES 2023, and while it's definitely extravagant and completely unnecessary, it's a lot of fun. 

Update: The LG MoodUP is one of our picks for our Best of CES 2023 Awards. See what other products debuting at this year's show are joining it in the winners' circle.

The MoodUp refrigerator is being launched in a four-door French-style configuration; you'll be able to select a model with four panels, or three with one InstaView door, which lights up the interior when you knock on the glass panel to see what's inside the fridge without opening it up. 

Using a connected app, you can configure each panel's color separately, or select from a variety of pre-set themes, such as Winter and Spring. You can also create your own mix and save them in the app. LG says that there are as many as 190,000 different color combinations available; while the fridge debuted at IFA in September, LG did announce a new Pantone color option — Viva Magenta — at CES. 

To really bring the party to your kitchen, the fridge is outfitted with a Bluetooth speaker, and can sync the lights to whatever you're playing. I can see this being really fun, or really annoying depending on the music selection.

The light-up panels also serve a practical function, too. If you decide to raid the fridge for a late night snack, it can sense your presence and turn the lights on softly, providing a gentle glow for your midnight noshing. And, the lights on the panels will start flashing if you accidentally leave one of its doors open. Inside, this 21 cubic foot fridge can also make craft ice balls, which you’ll need aplenty for everyone who comes into your kitchen to marvel at your new appliance.

Pricing and availability has not been announced yet, but you can be sure that it won't be the cheapest model among the best refrigerators. The only downside — aside from its potential price — is that you won't be able to put your kid's artwork on the doors. But that's their problem. 

While you're waiting for the MoodUp to arrive at your door, you'll want to remember how to clean your refrigerator to keep it smelling fresh, know which foods never to put in a refrigerator, and five ways to organize your fridge and make foods last longer. 

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