iPhone SE 3 just shown off in first alleged real-life images

iPhone SE 2020 back in front of water and rocks
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The iPhone SE 3 has been spotted in the flesh — actually glass and metal — giving us the strongest indication yet that Apple's done a copy-paste job with its design from the current iPhone SE.

The images come from a source speaking to Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech (via AppleTrack), and were revealed on the Genius Bar podcast. Go to 45:35 in if you want to see the images without watching the whole show.

Prosser showed the audience and co-host Sam Kohl apparent images of the iPhone SE 3 via the screen of his iPad mini rather than editing them into the video, so the quality isn't great. It's still noteworthy as the first alleged leak of real-life shots of the new budget iPhone, and we can still make out some details.

As has been rumored previously, the new iPhone SE looks a lot like the old iPhone SE, even down to the black color. The iPhone 8-based design is expected to remain intact while Apple updates some of the interior components. So that means thick bezels around a small 4.7-inch display and a Touch ID button. 

Leaked iPhone SE 3 image shown on iPad mini

(Image credit: Genius Bar Podcast/Jon Prosser)

It's believed that the SE 3 will get an A15 Bionic chipset, the same chip in the iPhone 13 series. This will not only provide flagship phone-grade performance to the SE, but give it 5G connectivity, a big missing feature from the iPhone SE 2020. This chip will presumably also offer better computational photography features for the camera. 

iPhone SE 3 shown on iPad mini

(Image credit: Genius Bar Podcast/Jon Prosser)

But 5G is the key ingredient here, as basically all new Android phones come with 5G. That should include the upcoming Google Pixel 6a, which promises a similarly high-powered chip in the form of the Pixel 6's Google Tensor.

It's believed Apple will show off the iPhone SE in just a couple of months at the first Apple Event of 2022 this Spring, rather than alongside the iPhone 14 line this fall. It'll possibly be joined by a new iPad Pro 2022, an iPad Air 5 and maybe an iMac Pro or new Mac Mini, making for a nice diverse lineup of devices to look forward to.

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  • sgodsell
    I have a hard time calling this iPhone SE 3 new. It's more like the iPhone RE (Recycled Edition). In other words it's like putting Lipstick on a Pig. It has the same single camera, same low resolution 4.7" LCD display from the iPhone 6 (back in 2014), same small capacity wall hugging battery, same casing. Apple could probably sell this recycled iPhone for $199 and still make a profit.