iOS 17 leak reveals big changes to Apple's apps and wallpapers

iOS 17 logo on phone
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With WWDC 2023 just around the corner, we’re not far off from seeing iOS 17 — the latest iteration of the iPhone’s operating system. 

Back in March, we heard that what started out as a “tuneup release” has turned into something with “several ‘nice to have’ features”. Now, thanks to the leaker @analyst941, we have a possible first look at UI changes coming to two of Apple’s first-party apps — Wallet and Health — as well as the Wallpaper picker.

Wallet is the biggest change. In this mockup, Apple is predicted to be introducing a whole new layout with a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen letting iPhone owners easily jump between Cards, Cash, Keys, IDs and Orders. 

If accurate, this would be a big improvement for those with multiple cards and passes stored on their iPhone. Users will apparently be able to swipe down to reveal a search interface for hunting down elusive cards, too.

iOS 17 mockups

(Image credit: Analyst941 / Twitter)

For Health, Apple is embracing a grid layout to easily track your most important health metrics. “There will obviously be VISUAL data inside the squares — I’m just too lazy to do all that,” @analyst941 writes. “Imagine colored graphs, tables, etc. filled with data inside each section.”

iOS 17 mockups

(Image credit: Analyst941 / Twitter)

Finally, this grid view is also apparently coming to the Wallpaper picker. It will apparently show “9+ wallpapers at once” and let you delete or reorder them in the grid view (pictured right).

iOS 17 mockups

(Image credit: Analyst941 / Twitter)

When highlighting a single wallpaper (pictured left), you’ll be able to share or duplicate them by swiping upwards.

None of these changes are revolutionary, and in isolation fall a bit short of Bloomberg’s prediction that iOS 17 would include “several of users’ most requested features.” But this clearly isn’t going to be the full extent of the changes. 

Last week we heard that iOS 17 would also be bolstered with improvements to Control Center, Apple Music, the lockscreen and even the Flashlight app. And that’s not factoring in the rumored biggest change: the introduction of third-party app stores (albeit just in Europe where legislative changes are set to force Apple’s hand).

Put these enhancements together, and iOS 17 looks like a pretty substantial update. The question is whether the changes will be technically taxing enough to block older iPhones from getting it. 

Right now, handsets as far back as 2017’s iPhone 8 can run iOS 16, which is pretty commendable. But with such a big set of changes incoming, it may be the end of the road for more recent handsets. Which ones? We’ll find on June 5. Until then, check out our iOS 17 hub and WWDC 2023 guide for all the latest rumors and leaks. 

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