iOS 17 leak just revealed more details — here's all the new features for your iPhone

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WWDC 2023 is a few short weeks away, and with it comes the first official look at what iOS 17 will have to offer. That hasn’t stopped a bunch of details leaking though, and the latest seemingly reveals a great many things that could launch alongside the next iteration of iPhone software.

This latest leak comes from a post on Chinese social network Weibo, and 9to5Mac notes that it’s the same account that leaked the yellow iPhone 14 mere days before its announcement. We’ve already heard about a great many features and changes coming to iOS 17, and this particular leak adds significantly more to the upcoming update.

Apple Music overhaul 

The most notable changes detailed in the leak seem to be related to Apple Music. Apparently the user interface will be getting an overhaul, and reducing the amount of on-screen text and replacing it with imagery and graphics. iOS 17 will reportedly let you view Apple Music lyrics on your lockscreen, too.

Lock screen upgrades

iOS 17 may also be enhancing the lock screen customization that first launched last year with iOS 16. The leaker claims that iOS 17 will add options for fonts, emojis, wallpapers and “other functions." This will also supposedly include the ability to share custom lockscreen designs — similar to how people can share custom Apple Watch faces.

A new iOS 17 Control Center

The leak also mentions changes to the Control Center UI, something we’ve already heard detailed in previous leaks. It doesn’t go into a great amount of detail, but one previous leak claims that the Control Center would be getting “radical changes” to the UI and improved customization options. Here’s hoping that’s the case.

App library upgrade, better flashlight control

The final two changes said to be coming include new custom categories and other organization features for the App library, alongside new “step-less” adjustment for the flashlight. That means there could be more finer flashlight control, rather than having to choose from three pre-set brightness options.

iOS 17: Other notable rumors

iOS 17

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One of the major changes rumored to be coming to iOS 17 is the ability to side-load apps or install from third-party app stores. It’s a feature Apple has long-resisted, but may be having its hand forced by the European Union. However, this feature may well be exclusive to the EU, meaning the Apple App Store might be the only option for everyone in the U.S. and beyond.

A larger leak also revealed a smorgasbord of possible features, including Dynamic Island functionality, active widgets, a new UI in the Health app, more Focus mode filters and custom accessibility settings that give “total control over the layout” — something primarily aimed at devices belonging to seniors and young children.

It’s unclear which phones will get iOS 17 this year, with conflicting rumors. Some say that any device running iOS 16 will be compatible, while others maintain that the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X will be missing out on the upgrade. Unfortunately, like all the other rumored features, we’re not likely to find out until the WWDC opening keynote. 

For now stay tuned to our iOS 17 hub and WWDC 2023 hub for all the latest rumors and leaks. 

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