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Reviewing Disney Plus
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Yes, Disney Plus packs a ton of value into its $6.99, but what if The Mandalorian doesn't click with you? Here's what you need to know to cancel Disney Plus.

Well, early adopter, the good news is that you're now aware that the inaugural trial subscriptions are about to expire. I set my reminder to Nov. 18, as I set up my account on day 1, and my billing begins tomorrow (Nov. 19).

To check when your billing begins, you can act as if you're about to cancel your account, and go through to step 5 of the below tutorial. There, you'll see your next billing date. I advise you cancel the day before to avoid the charge. 

Why would you want to cancel? So far, the biggest fan frustration is tied to Disney streaming The Simpsons in a cropped letterbox 16:9 format, that crops out jokes.  Disney's said they'll get around to fixing this in 2020, but that's a pretty wide window.

Here's how to cancel Disney Plus:

1. Sign in at

Sign in at Disney Plus (skip if you're in the app).

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2. Click or tap your profile icon

2. Click the profile icon.

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3. Select Account

3. Click Account.

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4. Click Billing details

4. Click Billing Details.

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5. Click Cancel Subscription

5. Click Cancel Subscription.

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6. Click Complete Cancellation

6. Click Complete Cancellation

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