Google unveiled the latest Pixel Feature Drop — here's what's coming to your phone

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It's hard to believe, but another Pixel Feature Drop is here. As 2022 marches inexorably onward, Google has a few new updates ready for Pixels. Truth be told, they're all pretty minor, but we won't turn up our nose to things that make our Pixels more useful.

The update will start rolling out for the Pixel 4 and up starting today. Here's what's new in this update.

Pocket Operator

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Pocket Operator is a nifty new feature that lets you create music using everyday sounds. You can layer sounds over video effects to create a unique file for sharing with your friends and followers. Pocket Operator also lets you add new beats and patterns to further emphasize your creation.

It requires a separate Play Store download and only works on the Google Pixel 5 and above.

Vaccination card shortcut

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Your Pixel can now automatically add your vaccination card to your phone with just a screenshot. Take one of your card (with the QR code visible) and it'll get added to your device automatically. You can even add a shortcut on your home screen if you need it frequently enough.

At a Glance improvements

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The incredibly useful At a Glance widget also sees some great upgrades in this Feature Drop. You'll find three extra things:

Nest doorbell: When someone rings your Nest Doorbell, you'll get a feed right in the At a Glance widget, even from your lock screen.

Flashlight reminder: At a Glance will remind you that you have left your flashlight on. There'll also be a shortcut to turn it off!

Air quality alerts: At a Glance will also eventually be able to serve up air quality alerts. 

Sound Amplifier upgrade

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The Sound Amplifier app boosts sound for those hard of hearing. And it's now got an upgrade with Conversation mode. This will filter out background noise, letting you hear the person you're talking to. It can even ignore other voices. 

How does it do this? Well, it's pretty cool. Sound Amplifier prioritizes a person's voice by using your Pixel's camera. You point your phone at the person and the app will boost just their voice.

Other miscellany

The June Feature Drop includes three new Pride Month wallpapers. The Real Tone filters Google talked about at I/O are now available in Photos under the filters section.

Car crash detection is expanding to Canada and chat translation on the Pixel 6 just got new languages, too.

June Pixel Feature Drop outlook

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Google releases Feature Drops every quarter, so get ready for the next one in a few months. For this one, the features are pretty minor, but like we said, we won't say no to use additional useful things no matter how small.

The update will roll out to the Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, and Pixel 6 Pro starting today.

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