Google Pixel Watch launch date just tipped by leaker

Google Pixel Watch leak
(Image credit: @jon_prosser x @rendersbyian)

A new rumor concerning the Google Pixel Watch release date claims Google's first in-house smartwatch could launch before summer. 

The tip comes from none other than Jon Prosser, the source of several Pixel Watch rumors last year. In a tweet posted today (January 21) Prosser said he "is hearing that Google is planning on launching [the Pixel Watch] on Thursday, May 26th."

This is the first time a specific release date has been cited since the Pixel Watch didn't materialize alongside the Google Pixel 6 series in October 2021. Prosser previously reported the smartwatch would arrive in early 2022, while a scoop from Insider also suggested we'd finally see the wearable this year.

We typically suggest taking these kind of rumors with grain of salt. Better yet, Prosser tempered his own intel by saying Google is known "for pushing back dates." The tipster even said, "we'll know" if May 26 is no longer the expected Pixel Watch release date.

The Pixel Watch remains an elusive product. We've gone long stretches without any Pixel Watch rumors or news, at times making it seem the smartwatch isn't happening. Leaks are common for Google devices in development, and there's still been very little shared about a so-called Pixel Watch.

Here's what we've heard: The Pixel Watch will be Google's in-house wearable designed to be the best smartwatch for Pixel smartphone users. Like iPhone users have the Apple Watch 7 and Samsung phone users have the Galaxy Watch 4, the Pixel Watch could be an ideal addition to the Google Pixel ecosystem.

Insider reported in December 2021 that the watch will cost more than a Fitbit, though the best Fitbit devices range greatly in price from an activity band under $100 to the premium-feeling Fitbit Sense

Google also now owns Fitbit, and has said Fitbit's fitness-tracking features will eventually be added to Wear OS, Google's wearable software. The new Wear OS version (called Wear OS 3) hasn't rolled out yet beyond the Galaxy Watch 4, though smartwatches powered by the Snapdragon 4100+ processor should be eligible to update sometime this year.

Right now smartwatch makers who use Wear OS are waiting for Google to roll out Wear OS 3 support for the third-party devices. Though there's no way to know for sure, it's possible Google is being patient so that the polished version of Wear OS debuts on the Pixel Watch, adding more hype to the alleged smartwatch's announcement. Again, this is just our speculation.

Still, if it exists, the Pixel Watch has the potential to be the best smartwatch for Android yet. For more future-gazing, check out our guide to Google in 2022.

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