Google Pixel Fold tipped for an early 2023 release window

Google Pixel Fold render
(Image credit: MacRumors render)

The much-rumored Google Pixel Fold could finally be released in the first quarter of 2023, according to reputable tipster and display analyst Ross Young

When asked “So where’s that pixel foldable?” on Twitter following the Google Pixel event last week, Young replied with a succinct “Q1.” This follows previous claims he made in September that noted its “4 months till the foldable Pixel smartphone starts panel production,” touting March as the estimated launch month. 

And in response to a follow-up question, Young provided a bit more detail, claiming to know that panel shipments for the device start in January, in preparation for a release later in spring. This would seemingly back up the previous March launch prediction. 

Google has yet to confirm the existence of the Pixel Fold but it was originally expected for a late 2021 release. Speculation has been fuelled by breadcrumbs left by Google, including earlier this year when one of Google’s apps seemed to suggest camera changes to facilitate folding devices. 

And with Android tweaked for use with third-party foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, one could argue it's about time Google has its own take on foldable phones to set the standard for others to follow. 

We’ve not got many leaked or rumored specs to go off, with the most interesting arguably being how the Pixel Fold could use a 50MP main camera along with two 12MP sensors and an 8MP one. Regardless, the idea of a foldable phone with the Pixel treatment is intriguing, as we feel more competition is needed in the best foldable phones arena. 

Andy Sansom
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