Google Pixel Fold could launch by the end of 2022

Google Pixel Fold render
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The still mysterious Google Pixel Fold is on track for a launch this year, according to a new rumor. However it won't be alone, given a number of other companies are rumored to have plans for folding phones this year too.

Display consultant and reliable leaker Ross Young tweeted to say that panel production for the foldable Pixel will commence in Q3 of this year, with the phone's launch then happening in Q4. Given that the Google Pixel 6 series arrived in October last year, it's possible that Google will hold an event for the Pixel Fold and the presumed Pixel 7 around the same time this year. In fact, Young gives this date himself when asked when he believes the Pixel Fold will launch.

There have been rumors floating around that Google had in fact canceled its foldable phone (also possibly called the Pixel Notepad). However, Young's replies to his original tweet explain that Google did cancel an order for foldable display panels, so perhaps the sources for the previous rumors had got their wires crossed.

When asked about the Pixel Fold's exterior display, Young said it was "smaller than the Fold 3 or 4." This could just mean that the phone's like a smaller version of Samsung's tall and skinny Galaxy Z Fold 3, or, as has previously been rumored, it could follow the Oppo Find N example of a squarer outer display.

Pixel Fold rumors are still light when it comes to the phone's specs. We have heard it could use a single 12MP rear camera and two 8MP front-facing cameras, and chances are it will run using Google's own Tensor chip. For software, it will likely use Android 13, the developer beta of which may contain further proof of the Pixel Fold's existence.

Another tweet from Young mentions what other foldables we can look forward to in the near future. 

Aside from Google and the inevitable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Oppo will apparently be releasing its second foldable of the year, Xiaomi will have a new one while Vivo will have two coming out. Young also teases Apple's plans, possibly for the long-rumored iPhone Flip. We're excited to read more when Young's company DSCC publishes its next report on the foldable phone market, when the details will be revealed.

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