Google Pixel 6a design just tipped in new ‘leaked’ box photo

Alleged Google Pixel 6a renders
(Image credit: 91mobiles / OnLeaks)

Update: An alleged Pixel 6a case leak teases the design and camera changes.

A new leak of what appears to be packaging for the rumored Google Pixel 6a shows that a budget take on the Google Pixel 6 looks imminent. 

A rather legitimate-looking photo of the Pixel 6a’s box was passed onto Techxine and shows off a design that’s very similar to that of the standard Pixel 6. 

From the packaging, we can see the as-yet-unconfirmed phone has the rectangular camera bar that’s a standout design feature of the Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro. This supports previous rumors that have suggested Google will repurpose the design of its current flagship phones for more budget-oriented handsets. 

The camera bar appears to hold a pair of cameras, which would be similar to the Google Pixel 5a. So we expect a main wide camera and ultra-wide camera once again, which would a notable upgrade over the single camera for the iPhone SE 2022.  

An alleged photo of the Google Pixel 6a box

(Image credit: Techxine)

While this photo would track with previous rumors we’ve heard regarding the Pixel 6a’s design, we do need to caveat all this with the warning that this could be a Pixel 6 box that’s been made to look like a Pixel 6a box with the magic of photo editing. 

Not only is the barcode blurred out so we can’t check the serial number, but the back of the phone in the leaked photo is rather glossy, suggesting it’s made of glass like that of the Pixel 6 rather than the plastic backs Pixel A-series phones have used since their inception.

Nevertheless, previous Pixel A-series phones have mostly arrived in the spring and summer, so we’d not be surprised if the Pixel 6a was being prepped for an announcement sooner than later.

With the sub-$500 iPhone SE 2022 and Samsung Galaxy A53 having made their debut already, there’s scope for Google to hit back with an affordable phone that offers the mix of specs and smart features to face off against these new phones.

Speaking of specs, there’s not a lot of information around but there have been murmurs that the Pixel 6a will use a less-powerful take on Google's in-house Tensor chip. That would be notable, as the Tensor chip has been specifically designed for AI processing, meaning the Pixel 6a could have the same level of smart features as the Pixel 6 range, only with less overall processor and graphics performance.

Time will tell if this allegedly leaked photo is legitimate. Check out our Google PIxel 6a hub for all the latest rumors and leaks. 

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