Google Chrome's nasty Windows 10 problem is finally getting fixed

Google Chrome
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While Google Chrome might be the most used browser in the world, it’s not without its annoyances. And one of its biggest issues is how on Windows 10, Chrome notifications will pop up in both the browser and Windows 10’s desktop. 

But Windows Latest has found that Microsoft is moving to fix this irritating doubling up of notifications, by contributing code to the Chromium open-source project which underpins both the Chrome browser and Microsoft’s Edge browser. This contribution promises to improve how Chrome serves up notifications on Windows 10 PCs. 

Double notifications are not only a distraction but they can also be out of sync, serving you up notifications that might not be the most recent ones. This can be especially frustrating if you’re someone who works with a whole lot of tabs open and across multiple displays. 

But Microsoft’s contribution to Chromium will solve this problem as it claimed “the notifications will remain stored in the browser when it enters in the action center.” As a result, this will effectively stop the Windows 10 Action Center from pushing its own notification from Chrome above the browser’s ones. That should then remove the doubling up and confusion around notifications. 

This might seem like a small change, but it’s one that could remove an irritating part of using Windows 10 and Chrome. And such small changes all add up to make using Windows 10 a more refined and pleasing experience. 

Small changes are par for the course for Windows 10, with the operating system  designed to get a lot of small updates outside of security fixes that improve its ease of use and features. One small but notable recent change is the redesign of the Start menu in Windows 10, which will be rolling out to insiders and is set to come to the full release of Microsoft’s operating system. 

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