Google Chrome is getting a killer upgrade to make browsing faster

Google Chrome
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If you routinely find your Google Chrome tabs are loading much slower than usual, Google has a solution for you. The search giant plans to make a few changes that could result in your tabs loading up to 10 percent faster. 

According to a new post on the official Chromium blog, two of the latest improvements to the browser include Profile Guided Optimization and Tab Throttling, both of which offer a new Chrome experience. 

As the post notes, Chrome can offer peppier loading times for active tabs by reclaiming resources from those that you've had open and idle for some time. That's called tab throttling, and it's currently rolling out via the Chrome Beta channel, which will offer not only improvements in speed but memory and battery as well. 

The Chromium team is continuing to perfect the feature, noting in the official blog to "watch this space" for additional information on its work. 

Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) is rolling out as well with Chrome M85 on Windows and Mac. It allows for the most common tasks in Chrome to be prioritized and load faster. It offers an even bigger speed boost when your CPU is under load and running multiple tabs and programs simultaneously, based on tests involving both PC and Mac. 

If you're not as concerned with multiple tabs slowing you down as you are having tons of them open, Google previously announced new and improved tab grouping back in May. This feature lets you collapse groups of tabs and then expand them at your leisure to access only those that you need at the moment. 

There are a lot of similar usability improvements coming to the browser in the future, as Google continues to bolster its proprietary browser. One of its latest experiments, however, angered users as it tended to "chop" address bars in half, so not all of the changes have been positive. There will likely be plenty more changes coming down the pipeline, so hopefully Google takes user feedback into account when pushing out the next alterations. 

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