Galaxy Note 10 May Be Samsung's Most Water-Resistant Phone Ever

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The Galaxy Note 10 isn't likely to buck the trend of high-priced flagship phones when it debuts a little more than a week from now. But at least the phone should prove to be pretty durable if a newly leaked spec proves accurate.

The spec leak comes from self-described teenage tech enthusiast Ishawn Agarwal, who's been building up a reputation for sharing leaked info about upcoming smartphones. His latest tweet about the Galaxy Note 10 reiterates a lot of features that have already been reported on, but throws in one new tidbit about the phone's water resistance.

According to Agarwal, the Note 10 will feature "a new IP69 Water Resistant Rating."

That would be a noteworthy step-up from the water resistance in previous Samsung flagships. Last year's Galaxy Note 9, for example, boasts an IP68 rating, meaning it can survive prolonged exposure to water. (Basically, it can survive a dunk in up to 30 meters of water for a half-hour.)

A phone's IP rating reflects how well it can stand up to dust and water. The first digit — the 6, in this case — addresses dust resistance, and that's as high as a smartphone can go. The second digit addresses water, and assuming that IP69 is a new rating and not a typo, it would give the Note 10 unprecedented water resistance for a consumer-focused phone.

The IP69 rating doesn't mean the Note 10 would be able to last any loner in a deeper amount of water. Rather, it refers to a devices ability to stand up to high-pressure, high-temperature water. Generally, an IP69 rating indicates that devices can withstand heavier washdown procedures. That doesn't sound particularly practical for a smartphone, other than to reinforce the ideal that the Note 10 should be able to endure whatever you throw at it in your daily life. You should still probably invest in a Galaxy Note case, though.

Other Note 10 features in Agarwal's tweet fall in line with what we've been hearing over the past few weeks about Samsung's Note 10 plans. The tweet claims the Note 10 will support super-fast wireless and wired charging, consistent with earlier reports that the new phone would include support for 45-watt charging (though it's unclear if Samsung is including such a charger in the Note 10's box). The tweet also mentions that the 12-megapixel main rear camera will have a variable aperture with its lowest setting at f/1.5, mirroring reports we heard last week about the Note 10's camera.

One piece of news sure to bum out would-be Note 10 shoppers is that Agarwal's tweet is the latest to claim the new phone will only offer Full HD+ resolution, a step down from the 2960 x 1440 resolution the Note 9 offered. According to other reports, Samsung is reserving Quad HD+ resolution for its pricier Galaxy Note 10+ model.

We'll find out if these rumors are true — and just what IP69 water resistance will mean for smartphones — at the Aug. 7 Unpacked event where Samsung is slated to show off its new smartphones. In the meantime, check out our frequently updated Galaxy Note 10 hub for all the latest news, leaks and rumors. 

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