Forget Apple Watch 7: This detachable Samsung Galaxy Watch design is stunning

Samsung Galaxy Watch renders
(Image credit: Yanko Design)

The Apple Watch 7 will need to blow us away in order to make us forget about these gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Watch renders. A group of concept artists just completely redesigned one of the best smartwatches with a curved display and detachable watch face.

Yanko Design (via T3) shared the series of Samsung Galaxy Watch renders, which look nothing like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 that released last year. Instead, this hypothetical evolution features a rectangular, arched screen that's optimized for both user immersion and the slew of straps the designers conjured up.

Seriously, we can gloss over the curved screen (the Nubia Watch already proved it's possible in a wearable format.) Instead, it's the rendered watch bands we can't stop thinking about.

According to Yanko Design, the component "locks into the different watch bands by either sliding into laser-cut, metal incisions, or slipping into adhesive silicone slots." Some of the imagined straps look classically sporty, complete with a silicone finish and simple clasp. 

Galaxy Watch render

(Image credit: Yanko Design)

Other strap designs lean toward high-fashion. We're especially attracted to this one that looks like a bangle bracelet, but magnetically attaches to the watch's housing on either side. The design shows the watch worn on the discreet, inner portion of the wrist. 

Galaxy Watch render

(Image credit: Yanko Design)

For those who like to switch out their smartwatch straps to match their setting or activity, this version of the Galaxy Watch is drool-worthy. Of course, it's only concept art, but we can hope Samsung is taking notes. 

In reality, the next Galaxy Watch, which is expected to offer blood glucose monitoring and other upgrades to challenge the Apple Watch 7, will still don a circular display. We'd be devastated if the company ditched the rotating bezel, after all. But in a few years we could see a wearable like the one from Yanko Designs gaining traction. 

Besides, it's not all that different from the best fitness trackers from brands like Fitbit right now.

Kate Kozuch

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