Forget Apple Watch 6: Stunning new Galaxy Watch 3 model unveiled

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 titanium
(Image credit: Samsung)

While the Apple Watch 6 has been revealed and brings a solid set of upgrades, it’s got competition to fend off in the form of a new titanium Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 model. 

We’ve already reviewed the Galaxy Watch 3 and were suitably impressed with both its design and its health and wellness monitoring features. And a titanium version looks to build upon that; it will cost $599.99 though, which might cause some to pause. 

The current Galaxy Watch 3 in a steel finish costs $429, so you’d need to pay a premium of $170 for a titanium watch body and a matching strap. Aside from the titanium finish, the watch is identical to its steel counterpart. So this will be a purchase based on aesthetic tastes rather than a way to get improved features. 

The titanium version is only being offered on the 45mm Galaxy Watch 3 model with Bluetooth connectivity. Those who are fans of the smaller 41mm size will have to make do with the less premium materials, not that the Galaxy Watch 3 felt cheap in the first place. 

Some $600 is a lot to pay for a slightly smarter finish, though we’ll admit the titanium Galaxy Watch 3 does look rather fetching, as if someone has crossed a stealth bomber with a smartwatch.

Galaxy Watch 3 vs Apple Watch 6

For comparison, stainless steel versions of the Apple Watch 6 can be had for prices starting at $699 and a titanium version of Apple’s smartwatch will set you back $799 or $849, depending on the color and strap options. That makes the titanium Galaxy Watch 3’s price seem a lot more palatable, but there’s an argument that the Apple price premium gives you access to a more advanced smartwatch ecosystem. 

However, the Galaxy Watch 3 includes a lot of attractive features that the Apple Watch 6 has, such as SpO2 blood oxygen monitoring and an FDA-approved ECG sensor. So the Galaxy Watch 3 is a strong rival to the Apple Watch 6 at a variety of price levels. 

The titanium Galaxy Watch 3 will be available October 2, while the Apple Watch 6 will go on sale September 18. Which one you should opt for will depend on your tastes and what app ecosystem you are part of. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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