Chrome 102 is here — all the new features you can try

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It seems like only yesterday that we upgraded to Chrome 100. Not one to let its web browser remain static, Google has recently released Chrome 102 for Windows. Chrome 102 brings a handful of useful new features that will improve the Chrome experience. It also introduces a number of important security updates. Here are some of the top new features in Chrome 102.

Rearrange tabs

Thanks to this update, you’re now able to rearrange tabs without touching your mouse. This feature was available in Chrome Canary build 102 but will soon be rolling out to everyone. As the Chrome subreddit notes (via HowtoGeek), this option has been in the Linux version for many years but is now available to Windows users. If you want to move a tab, press Crtl+Shift and Page Up or Down to move the desired tab. However, if your keyboard doesn’t have Page Up or Page Down keys, you’ll need to use Fn + Up or Down.

Open desktop files via web apps

Web apps can now open files on your computer, so long as the app’s developer has programmed that function into the app. For example, a photo editing web app can say that it’s able to open jpegs or Photoshop files. This feature is intended to make web apps feel more akin to native Windows apps. Web apps will say whether or not they’re able to open files and they can appear as an option in the “Open With” menu.

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Remotely control video presentations

Another feature lets you control video presentations from a separate tab. This allows you to share a tab with whoever you’re conferencing with. This feature will no doubt be invaluable for those who frequently make video calls for work or to keep up with loved ones. While this feature isn’t yet available, you can test it out here

Other Chrome 102 improvements

A new API makes navigating within web apps easier by limiting how much an app reloads when switching pages. This will make moving between pages smoother since said the web app isn’t constantly reloading.

Last, Chrome 102 has patched 32 security vulnerabilities.

How to download Chrome 102

Chrome 102 should automatically install on your device when it becomes available. To update Chrome manually, click on the three dots in the right corner and hover over help. Select About Google Chrome to check for the update. If it’s available, click Relaunch. You should be running Chrome 102 when it restarts.

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