And relax: Spotify and Discord are now back up after a big outage

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Spotify and Discord are now back up and running after a brief but heavy outage. 

Around 1.22 p.m. ET, Spotify's Twitter account tweeted that "something’s not quite right" and we found that we've been logged out of our Spotify accounts for no reason. 

When trying to log back in, the service just bounced us back to the login in screen. There's was clear reason, just a message saying "something went wrong. Try again."  

Weirdly if you're Spotify account was set to offline, you wouldn't have been logged out, but music didn't seem to be play either. And downloaded tracks appeared offline, at least when trying this out on our Google Pixel 6 Pro. But set the app online and we found that we got immediately been logged out. 

Spotifiy said it was looking into the problem, and that appears to have been fixed, but no reason for the outage has been made clear yet. 

We had a sneaking suspicion that an Amazon Web Services outage flagged by Downdetector may have been the culprit, as the likes of Spotify and Discord use such cloud infrastructure services to host there services. 

But Amazon has told us this wasn't the case and that the company's AWS Heath Dashboard indicated that there are, and were, no problems.

Discord downed as well


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At 1;25 p.m. ET Discord officially confirmed that there were problems with its services, namely with message failures. But we tried to connect the app but it just got stuck on the connecting stage.

However, the problem, which appeared to be an API failure, has been fixed. And now the service is up and running and readily available. 

There were reports of Facebook, Instagram and other services suffering outages. We saw these recoded in Downdetector, but we didn't encounter them ourselves.

They could have be localized outages, and by that we mean regions of nations rather than whole countries. Neither Facebook or parent company Meta have mentioned anything about any outages.

As such, at the time of writing, it looks like these hugely popular services are backup and running. But, heck did they give us a taste of the Tuesday blues. 

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