Apple Watch 7 leak teases an iPhone 12 inspired redesign

Cedrick Hobson/Flickr | CC by 2.0
(Image credit: Cedrick Hobson/Flickr | CC by 2.0)

UPDATE: The Apple Watch 7 redesign has leaked in new renders. Check them out!

The Apple Watch 7 may sport a flat-edged design similar to the iPhone 12 and the latest iPad Pro 2021, and also release in a new green color. 

This leak comes from industry insider Jon Prosser, who revealed the information during his Apple-themed Genuis Bar podcast, and teased that he knows more about the Apple Watch 7. But Prosser remained frustratingly tight-lipped beyond giving these two morsels of information.

During the podcast, Prosser did describe the flat-edged screen as being “more subtle” than what we’ve seen on other Apple products. Regardless, assuming this leak is accurate, this display redesign would be the most significant change for the popular smartwatch we've seen for several iterations. 

While we can’t yet verify if this leak is legitimate, it seems fairly logical that Apple would want to create further design unity across its flagship products. An Apple Watch 7 with a flat-edged screen would bring the device in line with the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. 

As for the new green color, well it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, don’t expect a bright shade of green though. It’s believed that the shade of green offered will be similar to the pastel color seen on the AirPods Max. Apple seems to be embracing the multi-colored approach with its recent products, especially the new iMac 2021.  

This isn’t the first leak we’ve seen relating to the Apple Watch 7. Previous rumors that have done the round include that the device will offer a new “Wrist ID” system for easier unlocking, as well as the wearable being more swim-friendly due to a refreshed set of swim-tracking features. 

The smartwatch isn’t technically confirmed by Apple just yet. But as the tech behemoth has released a new Apple Watch every single year since 2015, it’s a pretty safe bet. We expect it to release in mid-September, based on the release date of previous models, but expect more details to leak before then. 

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