Apple AirTag has a new rival on the block — but with multiple designs

Image of Pebblebee Card with iPhone showing Find My App
(Image credit: Pebblebee)

Apple’s AirTag has many rival trackers — from the likes of Tile, Chipolo, SmartTag, and others, many of which rank higher on our list of the best key finders. But AirTags now have one more challenger to worry about: the Pebblebee, which is similar in almost every function — and price — to Apple's AirTag. 

Pebblebee just launched the Pebblebee Clip and Pebblebee Card — two accessories that come with Apple’s Find My integration, which Apple introduced to third party developers one year ago. Having this means the Pebblebee Clip and Card will be compatible with the Find My app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, along with the Find Items apps on Apple Watch — just like the AirTag.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all AirTag, Pebblebee is offering its tracker in a few shapes.  The Pebblebee Clip is meant for using on the go on things like keys, cases, cycles or even luggage, and has a loophole so you can directly attach it to your keychain. The Pebblebee Card is slim and can slip into any wallet, card holder, handbag or a passport. 

Image of Pebblebee clip attached to car keys

Pebblebee Clip (Image credit: Pebblebee)

The Pebblebee Card can run for 12 months on a single charge while the Pebblebee Clip can go on for 6 months. Both can be recharged, and come with a USB-C charger. AirTag, for comparison, can run for a year but it doesn’t have rechargeable batteries.

The Pebblebee Clip has a decent 500-foot range and is water resistant too — although we don’t know yet if it will come back ok if submerged. The Card emits a loud alert noise that will instantly notify you if you have left your wallet or item behind. Pebblebee claims you will hear it even in crowded spaces.

Image of Pebblebee card being put into a wallet

Pebblebee Card (Image credit: Pebblebee)

 Price and availability 

Both the Pebblebee Clip and Card cost $29.99, the same as the price of the AirTag. The Pebblebee Clip can also be bought in a four-pack for $99.99. They can be bought on Pebblebee’s websiteand soon on Amazon as well. 

Pricing it similar to Apple’s AirTag with the same (and even better) features means that the AirTag finally has a worthy competitor. Pebblebee’s accessories pair with the Find My network, have a slightly better design and have rechargeable batteries — all very strong points in favor of the new accessories. We will have to put them together in a face-off soon to see which one emerges winner. Until then, we are excited to see the Find My network grow and Pebblebee’s products are probably the first of many such devices that we will see in the market.

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