Sanjana Prakash

Sanjana Prakash

News Editor

Sanjana loves all things tech. From the latest phones, to quirky gadgets and the best deals, she's in sync with it all. Based in Atlanta, she is the news editor at Tom's Guide and has seven years of experience in writing about phones, smart home technology, virtual reality and various how-to tutorials. She also doubles as the weekend editor for Tom’s Guide — covering breaking technology news on two of the most heavily trafficked days for the website, as well as tackling the Quordle answer for Saturday and Sunday.

Sanjana loves trying new tech and breaking it down for readers. Her story on traveling with an eSIM is one such example of exploring a tech-heavy topic in a practical manner.

Previously, she produced India's top technology show for NDTV, reported on the biggest tech launches for the show and has been a tech news reporter on national TV. She has covered some of the most prominent technology shows around the world including Mobile World Congress and CES. She is an alumni of Cardiff University and Asian College of Journalism. 

When she is not crystal ball gazing into the future of technology, you can find her on a tennis court or sipping her favorite latte in instagrammable coffee shops in the city. Her work has appeared on NDTV Gadgets 360 and CNBC.

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