Amazfit's HomeStudio combines Peloton and Mirror for the ultimate home gym

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Peloton's connected treadmill costs $4,000. If you want to stream cardio classes through Mirror, a rival to Peloton, that's another $1,495. Huami-owned Amazfit, which is known for its solid lineup of cheap smartwatches, plans to combine both concepts in its new connected HomeStudio. 

We don't know how much Amazfit's Home Studio costs yet, but given the company's reputation for undercutting the major tech companies on price, we'll bet it'll be far, far less than $5,495 you'd pay for both Peloton's treadmill and Mirror's workout assistant.

HomeStudio pairs a treadmill with a 56-inch standing mirror called Glass, which has a 43-inch HD LCD screen baked inside for streaming workouts. The treadmill itself doesn't have a display, which separates it from Peloton's Tread, where there's a screen mounted in front.

You can buy Amazfit's treadmill as a stand-alone piece of equipment separately from Glass. Because the treadmill itself lacks a screen, you mount your phone or tablet to the treadmill sidebar and stream your workouts from the Studio app. It's not quite as elegant as Peloton's solution, and Glass isn't as gorgeous with a streamlined user interface like Mirror. But Amazfit's options — a premium treadmill, the lower-end Amazfit AirRun, Glass and a combination of Glass and a treadmill — will be less expensive than Peloton or Mirror and offer a wider variety of options.

Glass also includes a camera lens with a 3D time-of-flight sensor that can detect your form during a class and offer tips on how to improve it. (The lens includes a sliding cap to protect your privacy.)

Studio is a New York-based company that partnered with Amazfit to create the connected HomeStudio, but the Studio app can be used on its own. Studio has five instructors who film 15 classes every weekday across running, sculpting, stretching and yoga. You can use Glass separately to stream stretching and yoga classes.

Peloton revolutionized home gym equipment with its stationary bike, but now a crop of startups aims to compete with more customizable options and cheaper devices. We'll see if Amazfit's HomeStudio is a worthy Peloton rival when it arrives at some unknown future date. Amazfit says it will announce pricing and availability soon.

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