9 best Prime Video shows you’re not watching

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Prime Video's streaming library is massive, stacked with hundreds of television shows and movies. It's easy to miss out on some real gems. While hits like The Boys and The Summer I Turned Pretty dominate Prime Video's top 10 most-watched list, other titles often languish under the radar. 

That's why we've rounded up some of the best Prime Video shows you're (probably) not watching right now. They run the gamut from a satiric take on modern superheroes to a period murder mystery to a post-apocalyptic comedy. 

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I’m a Virgo

Jharrel Jerome (Cootie) in I'm A Virgo

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Writer/director Boots Riley’s Sorry to Bother You was a delightfully surreal satire skewering capitalism and corporate exploitation. Now, Riley moves to television for another absurd tale, this one about a 13-foot-tall young Black man named Cootie (Jharrel Jerome). 

Cootie has been kept hidden most of his life by his well-meaning aunt and uncle (Carmen Ejogo and Mike Epps), but as he matures, the awkward and kind-hearted teen yearns to go out into the world. But even as makes friends and develops a crush, Cootie is widely feared by strangers for his size. He soon draws the attention of the Hero (Walton Goggins), an eccentric billionaire turned vigilante. Cootie must choose between following in his idol’s footsteps or blazing his own path.

Genre: Comedy
Seasons: 1 (7 episodes)
Rotten Tomatoes score: 96%
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The Outlaws

The cast of the Outlaws

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The BBC comedy thriller comes from the ingenious mind of Stephen Merchant (The Office, Extras, Hello Ladies, Fighting With My Family). Merchant stars in his series, as does Christopher Walken and a host of talented British actors. 

The Outlaws follows seven strangers who are forced to work together to complete a court-ordered community service project in Bristol. As they clean up a derelict recreation center, they begin to connect — until the discovery of a duffel bag full of cash throws everything into chaos and makes them the target of a dangerous gang.

Genre: Crime comedy
Seasons: 2 (12 episodes)
Rotten Tomatoes score: 80%
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Class of '07

Class of '07

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Survival shows tend to be dramas, so the comedic tone of Class of ‘07 stands out. It’s part Yellowjackets, part The Wilds, but with jokes. The Australian series chronicles how a group of women adapt when an massive tidal wave destroys the world during the 10-year reunion of their all-girls high school.

Zoe (Emily Browning), Amelia (Megan Smart), Saskia (Caitlin Stasey) and a dozen others must work together to survive on the island peak of their former campus. But even an apocalyptic natural disaster isn’t enough to dispel the awkwardness, tension and grudges that carry over from their teen years. High school is hell — and now these women are perpetually living in it.

Genre: Comedy
Seasons: 1 (8 episodes)
Rotten Tomatoes score: 100%
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Ordeal by Innocence

The cast of Ordeal by Innocence

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Murder mysteries featuring sprawling ensemble casts are all the rage these days, largely thanks to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out franchise. Johnson was inspired by Agatha Christie’s novels, one of which is the subject of this adaptation.

A wealthy heiress Rachel Argyll (Anna Chancellor) is murdered and her adopted son Jack (Anthony Boyle) is accused of the crime. Months later, however, as her widower Leo (Bill Nighy) prepares to get married again, an alibi seems to clear Jack of wrongdoing. That reopens the question of who killed Rachel and why.

Genre: Murder mystery
Seasons: 1 (3 episodes)
Rotten Tomatoes score: 94%
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(L to R) Meagan Good (Camille), Shoniqua Shandai (Angie), Grace Byers (Quinn), Jerrie Johnson (Tye) pose for a group selfie

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Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver brings her sharp comedic observations about Black women to her new creation, Harlem. The new series follows four stylish and ambitious girlfriends living in the titular New York City neighborhood, otherwise known as the Mecca of Black culture.

Camille (Meagan Good) is an anthropology professor at Columbia who has extensive knowledge of dating norms in many cultures, but has a hard time in her own love life. Tye (Jerrie Johnson) is a queer dating app creator who prefers to be elusive. Fashion designer Quinn (Grace Byers) has a trust fund and a desire to do good. She lets Angie (Shoniqua Shandai) stay with her rent-free while pursuing a career in singing and acting.

Genre: Comedy
Seasons: 2 (18 episodes)
Rotten Tomatoes score: 98%
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High School

Railey and Seazynn Gilliland as Tegan and Sara in High School

(Image credit: Freevee)

Technically, this is a Freevee original, but you can watch via Prime Video. Canadian twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin are a pop duo known for their catchy songs and LGBTQ+ trailblazing. Their bestselling memoir, High School, is the basis for this teen drama — pretty apt since their music has powered so many scenes on Riverdale, Gossip Girl and the like. 

Set in 1996, the show follows Tegan and Sara (played by twin TikTok stars Railey and Seazynn Gilliland) as they come of age. Their mom Simone (Cobie Smulders) has recently moved the family to a Calgary suburb. Navigating a new high school is nerve-wracking enough, but worse is how their always-strong bond begins to fray. Tegan feels left out as Sara gets close to a new friend, for whom she secretly has romantic feelings. 

Genre: Drama
Seasons: 1 (8 episodes)
Rotten Tomatoes score: 100%
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The One That Got Away

Yurika and Vince on The One That Got Away

(Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Prime Video has a ton of reality shows in its library, but most of the originals are a bit lackluster. The One That Got Away is an exception, thanks to an inventive premise: singles get a chance to reconnect with people from their past. They can interact with them via a device dubbed “the Portal," which brings in select individuals.

After an initial round of reunions, more new arrivals appear on the scene, making things wonderfully messy. The singles go on dates, where they must decide if the sparks are still there or if the attraction has fizzled out. Hosted by singer Betty Who, the show is as bingeable as Love Is Blind, The Bachelor and any number of reality romances out there.

Genre: Reality dating
Seasons: 1 (10 episodes)
Rotten Tomatoes score: n/a
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Kariana Karhu as Lily and Olivia Welch as Heather in Panic

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Danger, romance and the chance at a better life create a turbulent stew in Panic. The teen drama revolves around an underground competition in which graduating seniors take on a series of risky challenges, like crossing a highway blindfolded and being buried alive in a coffin. The winner gets $50,000, enough cash to help them escape their small town, go-nowhere existence. 

Not only are the stakes high — two kids died the previous year — local law enforcement wants to shut down the event. But the teens are determined, even if it means straining lifelong friendships. Heather (Olivia Welch) refuses to participate until she learns her mom spent her tuition money.

Genre: Teen drama
Seasons: 1 (10 episodes)
Rotten Tomatoes score: 67%
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The Legend of Vox Machina

Dragons, fantastical battles and raunchy quips run rampant in this adult animated fantasy series, based on a live-streamed Dungeons & Dragons campaign. An unlikely team of eight adventurers, who call themselves Vox Machina, find themselves on a quest to save the realm of Exandria from dark magical forces.

They are first commissioned by Sovereign Uriel to find out who (or what) is decimating villages in the outskirts of the village. The team stumbles on a deadly monster that will require all their skills to defeat. But that's just the start of their journey, as they face other villains, like the evil Lord and Lady Briarwood.

Genre: Animated fantasy
Seasons: 2 (24 episodes)
Rotten Tomatoes score: 100%
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