How to use voice record on iPhone

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One you know how to use voice record on iPhone, you can leave reminders, notes or even jokes for your future self to appreciate. Talking to yourself has never been so useful! 

If you have a lightbulb moment, taking a voice memo is a great way to preserve your inspiration. Some of the top recording artists and creatives use it to note their best ideas. 

Using the Voice Memos app is super straightforward, too. The app comes preinstalled on every iPhone, so even if you've never used it before it'll be sitting idly on your device waiting to be opened. Usually, you'll find it in the Utilities folder on your iPhone home screen.

Keep reading and we’ll explain how to use voice record on iPhone.

How to use voice record on iPhone

  •  Tap on the Voice Memos App  
  •  Tap the red record button   
  •  Tap stop and name your note 
  •  Tap done

1. Tap on the Voice Memos App

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Tap on the Voice Memos app to start recording your own voice. 

2. Tap the red record button

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Tap the red button to start recording. Make sure you know what you want to say!

3. Tap stop and name your note

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Tap stop and tap the name of the note to change it.

Tap done

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Tap done or tap the top left corner to adjust the playback speed or tap the top right to trim the recording.

There you go, never lose your great ideas again. Who needs a dictaphone? Remember you can play back your saved voice notes on the same app, and Airpods have a built-in mic so you don't even need to disconnect.

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