How to use the new Privacy Dashboard on Android 12

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Android 12 came with a lot of nifty new features, with the big UI changes being the most notable. However, Google also took a firmer stance on privacy and security this time around. Part of that initiative is the Privacy Dashboard. Note that this is different than the third-party app that has a similar functionality.

The Privacy Dashboard in Android 12 is your place to see what apps have accessed your microphone, camera, and location. There's a breakdown of how many apps have asked for each permission, as well as a circle graph giving a time breakout of how long apps have used the three main permissions.

You can also expand the other options to see the rest of your permissions, though the circle graph will just say "Other," which isn't the most helpful. The Privacy Dashboard is a little bit buried, so here's how to get to it.

How to access the Privacy Dashboard on Android 12

1. Open Settings, then scroll down to Privacy.

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2. Tap Privacy dashboard.

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3. You'll see the circle graph. Below that, you can tap Location, Camera, or Microphone to see what apps have accessed them. This will give you a 24-hour timeline breakdown of each permission.

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4. To see the other permissions on your phone, tap See other permissions.

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