How to sign out of Netflix on a TV

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Knowing how to sign out of Netflix is important now more than ever. With Netflix cracking down on password and account sharing, it’s a good time to know how to get out of an account you might need to exit. 

Signing out on Netflix is also handy if you’re selling your old TV, you're on the maximum number of devices, or are on a shared TV — nobody wants to be the host for unwanted Netflix leeches. 

Thankfully, signing out of Netflix is easy, and this guide will show you how to do it. 

 How to sign out of Netflix  

  1. Open the menu
  2. Select Get Help
  3. Select Sign out

Read on to see detailed instructions for each step.

1. Open the menu

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From the Netflix home screen, press left on your remote to Open the menu.

2. Select Get Help

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From the main menu, select Get Help

3. Select sign out

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Scroll down and select Sign out. You will still be signed in on any other devices you have connected.

There you go, you’re free to sign in and out as you please. If you can’t think what to watch, check out the best Netflix shows and best Netflix movies for our top picks, or even one of the best soundbars. While being able to sign yourself out is useful, it's also handy to know how to kick others off your account.  If Netflix isn't cutting it for you anymore, take a look at the best streaming services

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