How to see your step count on your Apple Watch face

Apple Watch Ultra face
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One of the best ways to make the most of owning an Apple Watch is to customize your watch face with complications. These complications offer quick glances at the information that matters most to you. For some people, that information might be daily step count progress.

If you haven't seen a step-count complication when changing your Apple Watch face before, it's because there isn't one — not natively, at least. While there are complications for the weather, timers, your Apple Watch rings and other useful tidbits of information, there isn't a built-in way to see your step count on your Apple Watch face.

Luckily, the Apple Watch supports a huge collection of third-party Apple Watch apps. Advancements to the Apple Watch's software, which is currently version watchOS 9, have allowed more app developers to leverage complications for the Apple Watch face experience. That's how I was able to add a step counter to my Apple Watch face.

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If having your step count on your Apple Watch face is something you're interested in,  all you need is a compatible pedometer app. I suggest using Pedometer++, since it's free to use and works instantly. 

I've had a positive experience with Pedometer++ on my Apple Watch Ultra, but it's also compatible with Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (2022) and earlier Apple Watch models running watchOS 9. There are also other pedometer apps that feature Apple Watch face complications, but most work the same way. 

How to see steps on your Apple Watch face

Apple Watch face step-counting app

Pedometer++ supports several complication styles for your Apple Watch face. (Image credit: Future)

Our guide on how to install and delete Apple Watch apps can help you get your pedometer app of choice on your Apple Watch. I've found the easiest way is to download the app on your iPhone, then sync your Apple Watch. You can check that the app is downloaded to your smartwatch if you scroll down within the "My Watch" tab in the Watch app.

Next, you'll want to edit your Apple Watch face to add the complication. I used the Modular watch face but you can use any watch face that supports app complications  (there are several). In the edit interface, tap on the complication you want to use for step counting. Scroll until you find the name of your pedometer app to see the complication choices. Pedometer++ has options for daily progress, progress and steps, steps and distance, floors climbed and more. 

While you'll be able to see your selected data at a glance, you can click on the complication to see all the movement data tracked by the pedometer app. 

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